Eberhards von Wuerttemberg
Count Eberhard I (The Noble) lived from March 13, 1265 to June 5, 1325.  He ruled from 1279 to 1325. 

Count Eberhard II (The Groaner) lived from 1315 to 1392.  He ruled from Dec. 30, 1345 to 1392.  He was married to Sophie von Wuerttemberg in 1340.  Count Eberhard II was a son of Count Ulrich  and Sophie von Pfirt.  Ulrich  was a son of Eberhard I.

Count Eberhard III (The Mild) lived from 1362 to May 16, 1417.  He ruled from 1392 to 1417.  In 1380 he married Antonia Visconti.  

Count Eberhard IV lived from 1388 to Jan. 27, 1419.  He ruled from 1417 to 1419.  He was married to Henriette von Mompelgard.   They were the parents of Count Ulrich V and Count Ludwig I.  Ludwig I ruled from 1426 to 1450 in the Southwestern half of Wuerttemberg and ruled from Urach.  His brother Ulrich V ruled from 1419 to 1451 and ruled from Stuttgart.

Count Eberhard V (The Bearded) was the 2nd son of Count Ludwig I von Wuerttemberg-Urach. He was born Dec. 11, 1445 in Urach and died Feb. 24, 1496 in Tuebingen.  He was also a nephew of Ulrich V von Wuerttemberg-Stuttgart.  Eberhard V's older brother Ludwig died in 1457 so at the age of 14, Eberhard V came to rule in 1459.  He would rule as Count until 1495.

Wuerttemberg became a Duchy in 1495 and from 1495 to his death in 1496, he would rule as Eberhard I Duke of Wuerttemberg.  He married Barbara Gonzaga von Mantua in 1474.

Count Eberhard V founded the University of Tuebingen in 1477.  In 1468, he made a pilgramage to the Holy Land and visited Jerusalem.  From that point on he would never shave again.  He reportedly made this pilgamage barefooted.

Duke Eberhard II (The Younger) ruled as Duke from 1496 to 1498.  He was a son of Count Ulrich V and was a cousin of Duke Eberhard I (Count Eberhard V).  Duke Eberhard II was born 1447 and died 1504.  He was married to Elisabeth von
Brandenburg.  He ruled as Count Eberhard VI from 1480 to 1496 at which point he became Duke.  In 1498, Duke Ulrich assumed power and took over.

The Eberhards and their descendants would rule for 440 years until the early 1720's.
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In German, the word for Count is "Graf" and the word for Duke is "Herzog".
Monument to Count Eberhard V (The Bearded) located at Eberhard Bridge in Tuebingen.
Count Eberhard II (The Groaner) in flight.
Count Eberhard V (The Bearded)
Coat-of-Arms - Duke Eberhard I
Duke Eberhard I
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