Some Colonial Eberhard, Eberhardt, Everhart, Everhard Family Notes


Here are some family group notes on the early colonial families sharing the above surnames.

Family Group I:

Frederick Eberhart (b. 1697 d. 1751 in Lehigh Co., PA) and wife Anna Catherine (Stambach) would have the following children: Anna Catherine (b. 1723), Arnold (b. 1732), Elizabeth (b. 1726), Frederick (b. 1725), Anna Eva (b. 1736), Barbara (b. 1734).  Frederick Everhart (Eberhard) was from Durstel, Alsace.  He is the Frederick Eberhart on the ship Samuel which arrived in Philadelphia Aug. 30, 1737.  Ships list shows age of family members.  Frederick Eberhart (b. 1697) was a son of Johann Jacob Eberhart and Anna Margaretha (Zillinger) Eberhart of the commune Durstel, Alsace.  This Frederick Eberhart family is believed associated with St. Paul's (Indianland) Church in Cherryville, Lehigh Twp., Northampton, Co., PA.  

Family Group II:

Paulus Everhart (b. ?  d. early 1761) was a son of Frederick Eberhart.  This Fredrick Eberhart arrived on the ship Phoenix on Oct. 20, 1744.  They are reportedly from Hessheim, Rheinland (just south of Worms).  Paulus Everhart settled in Manchester, Baltimore Co., MD.  Paulus would marry Anna Margaretha and they would have four daughters - three of whom were Gertrude, Mary, and Barbara and one son named George (b. Aug. 11, 1745).  George (b. 1745) would later marry Eve Eliza Zacharias.

Family Group III:

Christian Everhart (b. Feb. 11, 1727) was from Hessheim, Rheinland-Pfalz.  Christian was a son of Johann Jacob Everhart (Eberhard) (b. Mar. 25, 1691) and wife Anna Margaretha of Hessheim.  Christian and wife Anna Sybilla Geier had the following children: Lorentz (b. 1755), Susanna (b. 1757), Anna Maria (b. 1759), Conrad (b. 1762), Christopher (b. 1764), Jacob (b. 1765), Caspar (b. 1767), Philip (b. 1770), Michael (b. 1772), Christina (b. 1774), Barbara (b. 1776), Christian (b. 1778), Elizabeth (b. 1780), and Wilhelm (b. 1783).  Christian Everhart arrived in 1764 with wife and young family.  This family group settled in Middletown, Frederick Co., MD and Loudon Co., VA area.

Family Group IV:

Johannes Eberhart (b. May 10, 1702) was from Glatten, Freudenstadt, Wuerttemberg.  He was a son of Andreas Eberhardt (b. Sept. 19, 1678 d. May 8, 1735 in Glatten) and his wife Saloma (b. abt. 1680 d. Dec. 23, 1744).  Johannes Eberhart married Susanna Guhl and they had the following children: Johannes Bernard (b. 1742/43), Andreas (b. 1744), Catharina (b. 1746), Jacob (b. 1749 in Germany), Frederick (b. 1753 in Pennsylvania), and Philip (b. 1755 in Lancaster Co., PA).  This family group would eventually settle in Lancaster Co., PA.  Johannes Bernard would later marry Dorothy Stehr.  Frederick would later marry Nellie Lyst and after some time in Northumberland Co., PA would migrate to Tuscawaras Co., OH.  Johannes (b. 1702) appears to be the Johannes Eberhart who arrived on the ship Duke of Wuerttemberg on Oct. 16, 1751.  He may be the John Everhard who has a will dated Dec. 11, 1758 (City of Philadelphia).  There was  Johannes Eberhart who arrived Oct. 7, 1743 on the ship St. Andrew.  Perhaps the same individual.  Many made repeat trips.

Family Group V:

Andreas Everhart (b. 1730's) resided in Frederick Co., MD/Lancaster Co., PA area.  He is known to have married twice.  With wife Catherina he would have a son Frederick (b. Nov. 13, 1767) in Penn Twp., Lancaster Co., PA.  With wife Anna Maria Weber he would have a daughter Eva Margaretha (b. May 9, 1755).  He is believed to be the Andreas Eberhart on the ship Bannester Oct. 21, 1754.  He is a son of John Adam Eberhard, Duke of Alsace (see below).

Four sons of John Adam Eberhard, Duke of Alsace emigrated to the colonies.  These were Andreas, Georg, Martin and Adolf.  Andreas would settle in Cumberland Co., PA and Washington Co., MD and Frederick Co., MD.  Martin would settle in Fredericktown, MD.  Adolf would settle in Fayette Co., PA.  Andreas arrived in 1754 (see above).  Younger siblings George and Martin would arrive in 1773.

 Family Group VI:

There was an Everhart/Eberhart family group that settled in the Milford Township area of old Northampton Co., PA in that portion that would become Lehigh Co., PA.  They were established here in 1727.  Three brothers were involved.  Peter, Michael, and Joseph.  Peter and Michael arrived on the ship Friendship in 1727.  Joseph would arrive later that same year.

One of Michael's sons was named Paul (b. 1727) - not to be confused with the other Paul mentioned earlier.  This Paul Everhart had four sons: Jacob (b. 1760), John Henry (b. 1768), Christian (b. 1772), and Frederick (b. 1775).  Christian (b. 1772) would later marry Anna Maria Snyder.  This couple would move and settle in Westmoreland Co., PA.  Two of their sons were named Abraham (b. 1797) and Paul (b. 1795).  John Henry Eberhart (b. 1768) would later marry Mary Magdalena Hewett in 1793.  Jacob Eberhart (b. 1760) married Barbara Myers.  Jacob would move to Westmoreland Co., PA.  Another son of Michael was named Henry.

Michael Eberhart (b. Mar. 4, 1698 d. Nov. 3, 1772) was married to Anna Margaretha Brunner.

Very little is known of the descendants of Peter Eberhart of Northampton Co., PA.  He may have died as a relatively young adult.  It is suspected that the Christian Everhart (b. 1720's) clan of Davidson Co., NC is a descendant of this line.  Christian's first son was named Peter (b. 1757) in Derringerville, Lower Milford Twp., Northampton Co., PA.

Joseph Eberhart had six sons.  They were: Michael (poss 1724 d. 1783), Joseph (b. 1735), Jacob, John (see below), Peter, and Abraham.  Joseph had three daughters.  They were: Veronica (married Philip Dosch), Elizabeth (married Michael Bleyler), and Barbara (married George Fisher). These can be found in the Rev. Uriah Eberhart (b. 1821) book "History of the Eberharts in North America".  Joseph (Jr.) married Catherine Seigle in 1759.  Nothing further is known of descendants of John (see below) and Abraham (sons of Joseph Sr.).  Jacob (s/o Joseph Sr.) had three sons: John, Joseph, and Abraham.  This Abraham married Abigal Weber.  Peter (s/o Joseph Sr.) had at least two sons: Conrad (b. Feb. 26, 1768) m. Maria Reitnauer anh John (b. Feb. 15, 1779) m. Eva Reitnauer.  Nothing more is known about Michael (s/o Joseph Sr.) other than he inherited Joseph's estate.  Joseph Eberhart has a will dated June 16, 1760 - Upper Milford Twp., Northampton Co., PA (now Lehigh Co., PA).

John Eberhard (s/o Joseph Sr.) is likely the John Eberhard (b. Feb. 4, 1740 d. June 4, 1819) of Whitpain, Montgomery Co., PA.  This John Eberhart was married to Catherine Elizabeth Reed on June 16, 1761 in Salford Twp., Philadelphia Co. (which would later be Montgomery Co., PA).  John and Catherine would have at least two children: Jacob (b. Aug. 15, 1767) and Abraham (b. Mar. 2, 1776). 

Family Group VII:

Possibly related to the above clan is Wendel Eberhart who arrived Oct. 13, 1747 on the ship named Two Brothers.  His wife was named Susanna and they resided in Bedminster Twp., Bucks Co., PA and attended Tohickon Union Church.  They had a son Abraham (b. Oct. 3, 1754) who was christened Oct. 8, 1757.  This area of Bucks County is very near the Milford Township area of Lehigh County, PA.

Family Group VIII:

Johannes Eberhardt and wife Anna Sybilla Gieser resided in the West Camp area of New York (on the Hudson River).  They had a son Johann Georg born Mar. 7, 1712.  Johannes and Anna (2nd wife) were married July 24, 1711.  By 1717 they were living in Beckmansland.  Johannes Eberhardt arrived July 4, 1710 (7th Ship List).

Also in the Hudson River German settlements (likely West Camp area) were Mighel and Michel Eberhart who arrived in June 1709 (3rd and 4th Parties).

Notes:  Those individuals residing in the East and West Camps of the Hudson River (near Newburgh, NY) were predominently from the Rhein River Valley area of Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, and Alsace, France area.  The original settlers in this Hudson River area were with Rev. Joshua Kocherthal.  Some from these New York Camps relocated into the Pennsylvania German settlements. 

Is it possible that the early Eberharts of Pennsylvania are closely related to the early Eberhardts of the New York Hudson River Colonies?  My hunch is....yes.

It is highly likely that all eight family groups above are indeed related to the Alsace, France - Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany Eberhardt/Eberhart clan dating back at least 800 - 1000 years.  Y-DNA testing can help with this.  We now have an Eberhardt/Eberhard/Everhart/Everhard DNA project group with Family Tree DNA.  We need more participants.  Those males with these surnames in Europe and the Americas encouraged to join.



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