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Clark Gable
Johannes Haupt and M. Catherine (Schick) Haupt       Bucks County, PA
    b. Aug, 27, 1734           b.
    d. June 1814                d.

Catherine (Haupt) and John Philip Frankenfield          Bucks County, PA
    b. abt. 1768                  b. Dec. 1766
    d.                                 d. June 20, 1838

Sarah (Frankenfield) and John George Gable               Crawford Co., PA
    b. 1794                            b. 1790
    d. Apr. 28, 1872              d. Jan. 5, 1866

Charles Gable and Nancy Ann (Stainbrook) Gable       Crawford Co., PA
    b. 1830                   b. Sept. 1838
    d. Jan. 1898           d. 1927

William Henry Gable and Adeline (Hershelman) Gable  Crawford Co., PA
    b. 1870                             b. Dec. 1870
    d. 1948                             d. Nov. 14, 1901

Clark Gable
    b. Feb. 1, 1901
    d. Nov. 16, 1960

Clark Gable was born in Cadiz, Ohio.  His mother died nine months later. As an infant, he was sent to live with maternal relatives in Pennsylvania until he was two.  His father then brought him back to Cadiz, Ohio.  Gable quit school at age 16 and first worked at odd jobs.  He worked at an Akron tire factory, worked some in the oil fields and as a lumberjack prior to joining an acting troup.  He was married five times.  His wives are as follows:

Josephine Dillon: married 1924
Marie Franklin: married 1930
Jane Alice Peters: married 1939 a.k.a. Carole Lombard d. 1942
Lady Sylvia Ashley: married 1950 (widow of Douglas Fairbanks)
Kathleen Williams "Kay" Spreckels: married 1955

His first wife was his acting coach, from Portland, OR, who was 14 years older.  They were married in Los Angeles.  His 2nd wife was 17 years older.  He had a daughter (b. 1935) through an affair with Loretta Young.  His daughter's name is Judy Young (Judy Lewis).  He had a son named John Clark Gable (b. March 1961) with Kay Spreckels, after Clark Gable died from a heart attack in Nov. 1960.

After Carole Lombard's untimely death in 1942 from a plane crash, Gable entered the Army Air Corps.  He worked primarily in Public Affairs and made training films.  Adolf Hitler, facinated by Gable's celebrity status, wanted him captured unscathed.  Gable rose to the rank of Captain during his WWII service.

Johannes Haupt was born 1734 in Windesheim, Rheinland.  He would arrive in 1754 along with his brother Johann Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725) and their 1st cousin, Johann Samuel Haupt (b. 1725) on the ship Edinburgh.

The above information was initially provided to me by William Alan Coup of Columbia, SC.  Bill's father was a 1st cousin to Clark Gable.
Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in a scene from "Gone with the Wind".  Gable is known as the "King of Hollywood".
Gable's Haupt Connection
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