Charles Jacob Haupt
Charles Jacob Haupt (Houpt) was born Charles Jacob Snyder (b. March 17, 1810) s/o Andrew Snyder and Anna Margaretta (Wiall) Snyder and was an adopted son of Jacob Haupt and his wife Anna Margaretta (Wiall) (Snyder) Haupt.  He was a half brother to Brig. General Herman Haupt.  Margaretta divorced Andrew Snyder due to his "ill behavior".

Charles Jacob Haupt was very interested in acting.  Although his family resided in Philadelphia, he would join the New Orleans Theater as an actor there.  January 31, 1833, he would first appear on stage in New York City.  Soon, he married Emily Mestayer on March 17, 1834.  The Mestayer's were also a Philadelphia family that was very involved in the entertainment industry.  She was the daughter of Lewis Mestayer who was a clown and high wire walker from 1805-1817 and his wife Maria.  She was sister to Harry Mestayer who was a circus acrobat in the early 1840's (Philadelphia).  The Mestayer's would move to Boston, MA.

Emily Mestayer was an actress.  She first appeared in the Chestnut Street Theater in Philadelphia in 1822 and later, when married, worked at the Little Warren Theater in Boston, MA. 

Charles Jacob Haupt and Emily Mestayer Haupt were the parents to William Ayres Haupt (Houpt) who was born June 8, 1846 (in Philadelphia).  William Ayers Haupt was the youngest of four children.  The first two children died very young and the only other surviving child was Charles Henry Haupt (b. 1839 d. Jan. 22, 1900 in Ottawa, Canada) would also become and actor.

Charles Jacob Haupt after a relatively short stint as an actor would move his family to California where he established himself as a dentist and was rather successful.  They settled in the San Francisco, CA with access to the old California Theater. 

Charles Jacob Haupt would die at the young age of 40 on May 8, 1851.  His son William Ayres Haupt would later use change his name to William A. Mestayer (likely as a stage name) as the Mestayer clan was well known in the entertainment field.

By the age of 8, William Ayres Haupt was acting as well.  He would later go on to be recognized as a stage comedian in much demand - in the areas of farce comedy and burlesque.  During the Civil War he would serve as an engineering officer with the Army of the Potomac along with his uncle Gen. Herman Haupt.

Emily Mestayer Haupt would later be part of the acting troupe at P. T. Barnum's American Museum on Broadway in New York City.  She opened with "
The Drunkard" in June 17, 1850.  A fire on July 13, 1865 destroyed Barnum's Museum and it would be later in 1871 that his circus endeavors began with Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Emily Mestayer Haupt would die April 25, 1882 in New York at the age of 68.  William A. Haupt - a.k.a. Will A. Mestayer, actor and playwright - died Nov. 19, 1896 in Redbank, NJ.

Another interesting note ... Anna Margaretta Wiall (mother of Charles Jacob Snyder Haupt) was the grandaughter of the immigrant Nicholas Haupt (b. 1725) and immigrated 1754.  She was the daughter of Peter Wiall and Elizabeth (Haupt) Wiall.
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