Carl (Charles) Haupt
Carl Haupt arrived December 1, 1858 on board the ship "Ernst Moritz Arndt."  He was 46 years of age which means he was born about 1812.  The ship sailed from Bremen to New Orleans.  The ship's registry indicates that he was from Sudheim, Hanover.  On the ship with him were sons Christian Carl (b. Apr. 1843) and August (b. abt. 1850).  On the ship as well was Christian Haupt (age 24 - b. 1834) .  He is also a son of Carl Haupt. 

Carl Haupt was married to Wilhelmine (_________).  This ship's records do not list her.  It is believed that she also traveled with the family.  Carl Haupt died on October 25, 1876.  His wife preceeded him in death.  She died before 1870.

At this point, I believe Carl Haupt (b. 1812) to be a son of Christian Haupt, Jr. and Anne Margarethe (Windel) Haupt of Hardenberg, Hanover (near Sudheim).  This would make him (Carl) a younger brother to
Johann Heinrich Christian Haupt (b. Apr. 4, 1793).  J. H. C. Haupt emigrated in 1836 to Cape Girardeau County, MO.

On Nov. 23, 1860, Heinrich Haupt (b. 1822) and his wife Maria (b. 1828) arrive in New Orleans from Hanover.  With them is their infant son Heinrich (age 6 months).  They traveled on the ship "Georg."

Other Haupt arrivals include: August (b. 1823), Auguste (b. 1831), Christian (b. 1826).  All these arrived in New Orleans on June 30, 1854.  The ship was named "Uhland."  They too were from Sudheim, Hanover.

Still others believed related to this clan are:
Heinrich Christian Friedrich August Haupt (b. 1845).  H. C. F. A. Haupt was a son of Heinrich C. Haupt (b. 1800).  Heinrich C. Haupt (b. 1800) is believed to be a brother of Johann Heinrich Christian Haupt (b. 1793) and Johann Christian Haupt (b. 1810).

A likely brother to Carl Haupt is
Heinrich Haupt (b. 1820) of Perry Twp., Cape Girardeau Co., MO.

The 1860 census shows Charles Haupt (b. abt. 1812), Wilhelmina (b. abt. 1819), Charles C. (b. abt. 1843), Bena
(b. abt. 1849), and Caroline (b. abt. 1858).

Bena (Sabina) Haupt (b. abt. 1849) would marry
H. C. F. A. Haupt.
Caroline married ___________ Giesecke.  
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