Byerly/Beyerle, Beierle
Mary Catherine,
Maria Barbara,
Johann Jacob Byerly and Mary Elizabeth (______) Byerly
   b. abt. 1700                      b.
   d. 1771                             d.

Johann Jacob Byerly is buried at Beck's Church Cemetery, in Davidson Co., NC.  Jacob immigrated with family in Sept. 1732.

Johann Martin Byerly and Mary Catherine (Spengler) Byerly
   b.                                      b.
   d. 1799                              d.

Martin Byerly and __________(________) Byerly
   b. abt. 1785                b.
   d. 1865/66                  d.

Martin was married at one point to a Mary (______).  She is believed to be his second wife.  They resided in Hamby's Creek (now Holly Grove), near Lexington, NC.

Simpson Byerly and Susanna  (Everhart) Byerly
   b. 1813                     b.
   d.                             d.

They resided in Hamby's Creek (now Holly Grove), near Lexington, NC.  Susanna was his 2nd wife.  He would later marry Elizabeth Everhart (his 3rd wife).

Jacob Byerly and Mary E. (Leonard) Byerly
   b. 1844                   b.
   d. 1926                   d.
Jacob, Christina,
Maria B., David, Peter, Phillip, Elizabeth, Martin, John, Catherine
Margaret, John, Simpson, Sally, Dolly, Levi,
Maria, Eliza
George, Christina, Salome,
Sidney, Caroline, William, Andrew
Charles W., Sallie, Robert D., Minnie B., Numa E.
                       m. Aug. 18, 1892
Alexander Everhart and Sallie (Byerly) Everhart
  b. May 10, 1869              b. Oct. 6, 1869
  d. Sept. 26, 1905             d. Sept. 5, 1953

Both are buried at Midway Methodist Church Cemetery, Davidson Co., NC.
                       m. Mar. 11, 1917
George Ray Everhart and Lillian (Leonard) Everhart
  b. Dec. 10, 1899                 b. Apr. 2, 1902
  d. Aug. 12, 1970                d. May 25, 1963        

Both are buried at Mt. Tabor Methodist Church on Holly Grove Rd., Lexington, NC.
               m. Apr. 13, 1956 (2nd husband)
Molly Elizabeth Everhart and Ray J. Haupt
  b. March 26, 1933               b. Feb. 8, 1929
  d.                                        d. May 20, 2000
                         (divorced 1982)

Ray J. Haupt was born in Shamokin, PA and is buried Forsyth Memorial Park Cemetery in Winston-Salem, NC.
Ray Haupt
  b. Apr. 16, 1957
Much of the above Byerly information was extracted from The Byerlys of Carolina, Vol. III, by Wesley Grimes Byerly (1976).
Johann Jacob Beyerle appears to be from the Beyerle clan of the Sinsheim, Rhein Neckar Kreis.  Byerly is an anglicized derivation of the German names Beierle and Beyerle.  Both of these spellings appear to have originated in the northern Baden-Wuerttemberg area.  Johann Jacob Beyerle was naturalized in Lancaster Co., PA and in 1735 was in York Co., PA.  Other Beyerles arrived in 1730 and settled in Lancaster Co., PA.  They were from Sinsheim.
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