Brig. General Herman Haupt
Herman Haupt was born Mar. 26, 1817 and died Dec. 14, 1905.  He married Ann Cecelia Keller on Aug. 30, 1838 in Gettysburg, PA.  Herman, a son of Jacob and Anna Margaretta Wiall Haupt,  was appointed to West Point Military Academy by President Andrew Jackson at the young age of 14 years old.  He graduated from West Point at the age of 18 with the class of 1835.  He was a civil engineer with a specialty in railroad construction. 

From September 5, 1862 when he was made Brig. General to the Fall of 1863, he was in charge of all aspects of the US Military Railroads.  He was instrumental during the early hours immediately before and during the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Gettysburg (July 1863) - see below.  Special note:  Herman Haupt accepted no payment for his services to the Union.  He resigned his post in the Fall of 1863 to pursue his other railroad projects and concerns.
This is an etching of Herman Haupt's original bridge over Potomac Creek - prior to the bridge being destroyed by Confederate Rebels.  Below is the temporary bridge that was constructed to keep the Union trains running.
"That Man Haupt has built a bridge over Potomac Creek, about 400 feet long and nearly 100 feet high, over which loaded trains are running every hour, and upon my word gentlemen, there is nothing in it but beanpoles and cornstalks."  "The most remarkable structure that human eyes ever rested upon." May 23, 1862.  Both statements are by President Abraham Lincoln - Directed to the War Committee.  This site is located at Daffen, VA. This rail line was part of the Richmond - Fredricksburg - Potomac RR.  Today it is operated by CSX Transportation.  Located  just NE of Fredricksburg, VA.
Engine "General Haupt" - circa 1863
The 4-4-0 locomotive (and tender) pictured above was manufactured by William Mason and Company of Taunton, MA in 1862 (construction # 124).  It was acquired by the USMRR on Jan. 17, 1863.  It would later be renamed "General J. C. Robinson" and eventually sold to the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in 1865.  Mason is regarded by many to be the father of the American type locomotive.
circa 1863
General Haupt (on far right with long black coat) supervising his railroad workers as they excavate for a "Y" at Devereax Station on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.
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