Brent Glad
Brent Glad was the discoverer of the proverbial "needle in the haystack" in the search for the ancestral Haupt village.  While searching his own Haupt line (Johann Nicholas Haupt b. 1725), he came upon the death notice for a Philipp Haupt in Keller's Church, Bucks County, PA.  Philipp had died at the young age of 9 (b. 1759 d. 1768).  The death notice in the church book mentioned that he was born in Windesheim.

During the summer of 1993, I had obtained some of Brent Glad's information through another Haupt researcher - Perry Haupt.  I decided to make contact with Brent Glad to inquire more about this village of Windesheim.  Brent did not realize at the time that there were other Haupt immigrants that made it to the Philadelphia area.

Brent went back to the church records and searched for the other names I provided to him (Samuel, Sebastian, Johannes, Nicholas, etc.). By July of 1993, I had my answer!  They were all there. Brent informed me of how I could access these records and see for myself.  Together we collaborated to search these records for all the details.
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