Aeberhard Family of Jegenstorf, Bern, Switzerland


The Eberhard/Eberhart Family of Milford Twp., Bucks/Northampton Co., PA descended from Michael Eberhard and his wife Verena Kauwer/Kauer of Jegenstorf, Switzerland.  Sons Michael (baptized March 4, 1698 in Burgdorf) and Joseph (baptized Feb 12, 1702 in Jegerstorf) migrated to Philadelphia in 1727.  According to the death records at Great Swamp Church, Spinnerstown, Bucks County PA, Michael Eberhart was born very late Feb./early Mar., 1698 and died Nov. 3, 1772 ("age 74 years and a half and 9 weeks").


In Volume II, of the 3-volume work, Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Strassburger and Hinke, the travel document for Joseph Eberhard was located (pg. xviii, Vol. II).  The original document was written by a pastor in Eych, Germany (assumed on the Rhein River).  The pastor writes that Joseph Eberhard was currently a member of his Reformed congregation.  The document (typed and translated) states that Joseph Eberhard was from "Jeagersdorf, Switzerland" - dated May 1, 1727.  No village by this name exits today.  I was able to find a village by the name of Jegenstorf, Switzerland in the Bern Canton.  After a bit of research, I discovered there was an old Swiss Reformed Church there with several Aeberhards/Eberhards associated with it.  I wrote to the pastor Daniel Mauerhofer (Sept. 3, 2014) and inquired.  He and his staff did some preliminary research and replied (Sept. 4) that it was likely that these Eberhards were associated with his church and later recommended (Dec. 22) I contact the Staatsarchiv Bern (State Archives) for further research.  I did so and they (Tamara Mueller) confirmed in April 14, 2015.  Using their links provided on their website, I then e-mailed Kathrin Fiechter (see below).  Pastor Mauerhofer added that there was still an old "Eberhard chair" in the altar of the church.  These chairs were used by the church elders.


Before contacting Pastor Mauerhofer, I was able to view the Jegenstorf Kirchebuch records courtesy of the LDS online resources (Aug. 2014).  Though the names were rather legible, to my untrained eye, the script/penmanship was difficult to translate.  It would take a specialist in this old German script.  I did find Joseph Eberhard's baptism record/date in Feb. 1702 but was unable to read the rest of the script to confirm - even with a good foundation in the German language.


Though other previous researchers had learned of the Swiss connection through the travel document mentioned above, this is the first research to confirm the precise location of the ancestral village and church of this Eberhard/Eberhart/Everhart/Everhart group in Pennsylvania.


Researched by Swiss Genealogist Kathrin Fiechter, specialist in Jegenstorf area of Canton Bern - June 2015 upon request by Ray Haupt of High Point, NC (an Eberhard/Everhart researcher and descendant) 

Michel Eberhart, von Jegenstorf

Verena Kauwer


Hans - getauft am 1, August 1688 in Bremgarten (bei Bern)

Elsbeth - getauft am 7. Juli 1695 in Ruti bei Burgdorf

Michael - getauft am 4. Marz 1698 in Burgdorf

Joseph - getauft am 12. Februar 1702 in Jegenstorf

Hans Rudolf - getauft am 18. Oktober 1705 in Jegenstorf

She further adds that no marriage record was found for Michel and Verena (Kauwer) in the three churches of Jegenstorf. Burgdorf, and Ruti bei Burgdorf.  She says that perhaps there are other children of this couple baptized elsewhere.


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