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This is my little Hordes of the Things page. Mostly it will be about my various armies and how they are doing, but also some of my rambling commentary on various aspects of the hobby.

By way of introduction, I began playing DBA sometime in 1994. About a year later, I moved to Las Vegas and stopped playing anything but Games Workshop Mind Control Games (Las Vegas is a cultural wasteland!) Somewhere in that year, I started playing HotT as well, mostly with a few fantasy components thrown in to existing DBA armies. And so my little 15mm historical and fantasy miniatures were relegated to a box in the garage, collecting dust. That is, until a friend of mine showed up on my doorstep with the HotT rules, interested in seeing what I had been going on about for all this time. And so here I am, back into the game that I have enjoyed the most!

Unlike other pages I have done in the past, all content herein is original by me or my buddies. If something is interesting enough to have, I'll provide an appropriate link down below. Please E-mail me with any comments, suggestions, or questions that you may have.


Latest Update: May 2nd, 2002


Horse Painting Moral Support: This is a letter I sent to a friend about his army painting project for HotT.

Army Design Philosophy: These are the principles that I apply when I am building a new army for HotT.

Relative Figure Scales: This is a list that I swiped from the HotT mailing list and have added to since then. It gives the relatve size of figures from different manufacturers within the same scale.


Mercenaries: alternate rules for using Mercenaries in games of HotT. And why I should not be allowed to think...

Project: Scenario: a set of generic scenarios for HotT. This is perhaps my first serious contribution to the game.


15mm: herein you will find the listings and composition of my multitudinous armies for HotT. These are all armies that I or one of my regular opponents (OK, I only have ONE regular opponent) actually own and play with (or at least are working upon.)

25mm: a set of armies mostly built from GW leftovers but a few others as well.


The Stronghold: the largest and most extensive HotT site I have had the pleasure to visit.

Richard Bodley Scott's HotT Page: the Rulesgiver speaks! This one includes the HotT 2.0 Revision rules as well.

Even Dwarves Started Small: a new page by Jay Woolrich, still largely undeveloped but showing promise.

Thomo's Hole: a very interesting site, mixing wargaming content from a a variety of games with other, personal information.

Chow Li's House of HotT: it's a subjective look at fantasy wargaming from the outside in.

Gazkhan's HotT page: a set of house house rules and associated army lists. And a more general Wargaming page.

Coopers HotT Page: very interesting place... features WH40K lists for HotT as well as other weirdness...


Punkrabbitt's DBA Resource Page: bits and pieces of information I have pirated for historical wargaming.

Punkrabbitt's Punk Page!: being a bit of information about myself, especially my opinions

The Temple of Vernax: my page regarding Vor: The Maelstrom, which was the late FASA's contribution to the sci-fi skirmish scene.

Craftworld Amp-Lugo: my Wallethammer 40,000 page, filled with Greed Workshop Mind Control propaganda.

The Warp: the best all Sci-fi/Fantasy megasite I have had the pleasure of visiting on the 'net. The only thing it lacks is any HotT information.

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