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The Portsmouth District Ringers' Group has been set up using the facilities provided by Yahoo! Groups. The aim of the group is to allow district members to communicate with each other quickly and easily. The District Officers will also use it to send out such things as notices of practices, meetings, social events and the newsletter. Another example might be tower captains/secretaries using it to send out details of cancelled practices or to find ringers for wedding, quarter peals etc. The group is not intended to be used for general ringing chat or spam!

As a member, you can alao view the group archive and other features from thehome page.

There are two ways of joining the group, both easy! If you believe that I will recognise you as a ringer from your email address you can simply send an email to - the subject and content do not matter. This will automatically add you to the group. If you're not sure whether I'll recognise you, please send an email to me, Andrew Byford, saying who you are, where you ring and what you can ring (a simple security check) and I'll add you manually (more work for me!).

Once you are a member, you will be able to send an email to all members of the group simply by addressing your email to

If you decide that you no longer wish to be a member of the group, you may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to


Andrew Byford (webmaster and group moderator)

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