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FAMILY: Patrick  Corinne  Samantha
Phil Plaitt's "BAD ASTRONOMY" Web Site --- MOVIE REVIEW of "Men in Black" (original).
    Hubble Space Telescope
Great Images of Deep Space
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The Milky Way near the Northern Cross (Cygnus, the Swan)
              Credit and Copyright: 
Andy Steere
Sagittarius and the Central Milky Way in the summertime Northern Hemisphere.
Credit and Copyright: 
Dave Palmer
The Awe-Inspiring Milky Way:
"Dark Sky Site",
Chippokes Plantation State Park
Surry County, Virginia

Here I am with my trusty 90mm Refractor and my 8" Dobsonian Reflecting Telescope.
In the background is my "Voyager" minivan, appropriately named, as I have been a "Star Trek" fan since the earliest days.  Of course, if I had an "Astro" or an "Aerostar" it would also fit the situation.
     (I guess a "Saturn"  would do, too.  Do they make minivans?)
Looking ahead to MARS Exploration:  Visit the Web site of the ARES proposal for a future MARS AIRPLANE! It is one of four finalists for a "Mars Scout" mission for 2007-2008.
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