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Everything you wanted to know about NASA space exploration missions . . . (but didn't know who to ask):

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AstroNews Network       Space Daily News      Mars Daily News

Learn about JPL/NASA Solar System Ambassadors --  Solar System Ambassadors  
JPL and NASA Space Exploration Missions:   NASA   JPL   The Solar System   NASA SpacePlace
NASA Discovery Missions:
        The Discovery Program home page
Mars Pathfinder      Stardust Mission      CONTOUR      Lunar Prospector Mission
Genesis Mission       MESSENGER         Deep Impact    NEAR
Mars Exploration  
2001 Mars Odyssey Mission     
2001 Mars Odyssey FUN ZONE!  
Mars Global Surveyor Mission  
Dr. Elisa Kay Sparks' Red Mars Page

      Missions to other planets::
            Jupiter   -- 
Galileo    Europa Orbiter
            Saturn   -- 
            Outer planets  --

Learn even MORE about
Our Solar Syste ...
Space ... and Bad Astronomy!
Backyard Astronomy from

  Astronomy Organizations and Clubs:

International Dark-Sky Association  (IDA
      Back Bay Amateur Astronomers -- Southeastern Virginia        (Place your cursor on photo)
San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers -- Southern California
            other clubs . . . se
e BBAA links.

  Information on Telescopes, Binoculars -- Choosing, purchasing, and using. 
BEFORE you buy a Telescope . . . READ THIS!
  Choosing your First Telescope
Ed Ting's Scope Reviews
Todd Gross' Weather and Astronomy
  Orion Telescope & Binocular advice

  Astronomy references:        Books and magazines 

Astronomy        Sky & Telescope
Turn Left at Orion   by Guy Consolmagno & Dan Davis   Nightwatch by Terence Dickinson
Turn Right at Orion by Mitchell Begelman                       The Case For Mars by Robert Zubrin
Click to see pictures of my GRANDSON 1/30/02NEW GRANDDAUGHTER 10/12/02
And my
NEWEST GRANDDAUGHTER 1/26/04 and her BIG SISTER 1/25/2000.
Astrophotography by Stuart Beaber
Pass your mouse over the picture of Comet C2002 T7 . . .
and see the Great Orion Nebula!
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