My Family
This picture was taken several years ago, at Thanksgiving 1997, so our extended family has changed somewhat since then.  (See above.) Clockwise from bottom center: George (with Collie dog "Chrissie", Linda, Heidi & Marty Dewey, Danny, Aaron & Naomi, Bill & Robin Mayeux, Chris & Betsy Burris.  UPDATES:  Chrissie (the dog) passed away in June 2001; Aaron and Naomi had Corinne in Jan. 2001, Heidi & Marty had Patrick in Jan. 2002, Chris & Betsy gave birth in Oct. 2002 to Samantha.   Danny has short hair and contacts now, and is much taller.  A current photo is above.
Aaron, Corinne, Marty, and Patrick in Marty & Heidi's "forest".
Corinne & Aaron at new bridge
Family Photo, Thanksgiving 2002
The whole extended family gathered on Thanksgiving Day, 2002 at the Reynolds home in Virginia Beach, Va. 
Clockwise from left:  Marty, Patrick (age 10 months), and Heidi Dewey, Chris, Samantha (age 7 weeks), and Betsy Burris, Dan Reynolds, Bill and Robin Mayeux, Aaron, Naomi, and Corinne (age 2 yr, 10 mo.) Reynolds, Linda and George  Reynolds.
Old Family Picture
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