As of March 11, 2004, it is not too late to save the Hubble Space Telescope!
Read the message below, and then ACT upon it!  CALL or WRITE or EMAIL
your Senators and Congressmen and let them know how you feel.  And don?t forget to VOTE!
George Reynolds, Solar System Ambassador
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 01:40:26 -0500
 From: SUSAN ROSE <>
Subject: Fw: [AOS] SERIOUS HUBBLE NEWS - Just one phone call...
Glenn is a member of my club and NICMOS Project Scientist on the Hubble.
Sue Rose
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From: "Glenn Schneider" <>
Subject: [AOS] SERIOUS HUBBLE NEWS - Just one phone call...
There is a possibility that [Senator Joseph] Lieberman will prepare a resolution
in the Senate along the lines of the one already prepared in the House.  It would
very good if these resolutions had bi-partisan support.
Today I received the following e-mail forwarded from John Bahcall:
>... If we got 20 emails or phone calls asking your representative
>and Senator to support the Udall resolution on Hubble, it could make a
>real difference in whether  the Hubble is serviced or not..
PLEASE do not delay.  We are at make-or-break time...
Glenn Schneider
Phone calls carry more "punch" then e/mails.
This web/site will allow you get phone numbers of House representatives from your area.
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