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Page first created March 1, 2000, last edited May 31, 2003. Copyright 2000, 2003 by Thom Parrott.
entertainment for those with limited access
in greater Albuquerque, New Mexico

People's Entertainment Project, or PEP,
has three major goals:
  • Provide subsidized entertainment for those with limited access.
  • Generate jobs for unemployed and under-employed entertainers.
  • Increase public support for needy shut-ins and entertainers.

To achieve these goals, we are pursuing grants to pay service providers (as required by the NEA) and to cover the basic operating costs of a relatively small, service oriented non-profit organization. We are also seeking grants "in kind" of computer hardware, software and services, musical equipment, service and supplies, grant-writing, etc.

In February, 1999, we started performing, mostly for free, in senior care facilities and other similar institutions. As we researched funding, we found that the officers and staff of the non-profit could be volunteers but actual service providers should be paid -- this is required by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), for one thing, and we believe the reason for this is that we don't want free workers destroying jobs for people who need the income.

We began as a group of performers and supporters named Association of Volunteer Artists and Musicians (AVAM), but people dropped away until only Margaret Parrott setting up gigs and performer Thom Parrott were left. On February 25, 2000, Margaret, Thom's mother, suggested he rename the organization "Parrott's Entertainment Project," which Thom reworded to "People's Entertainment Project," in honor of "People's Songs."

If you are willing and able to help, please email:

People's Entertainment Project

Complete list of PEP events.

AVAM home page

Thom Parrott's Home Page

some of Thom's lyrics

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