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The Unity of Life, Matter and God  



Nature exists on two opposing forces, Gravity and Anti-Gravity. Antigravity has its source in the living matter. It is the fundamental instinct of all living system. The universal system, its motion and existence comes from the pulsation of living system that exist on the left and the right side of the universal system. These two sides of the universal system has two states of existence; Dominant and recessive, when right turns  dominant the left turns  recessive and vice versa. They are two states of life, awakened and sleeping, that accompanies the day and night cycle. This fundamental truth is incorporated in every aspect of nature from the basics of life and information to family and social existence of living systems.

The universal system can be visualized as a sphere, which encloses millions of tiny spheres. The law governing the one whole sphere and the multitude of the sphere that it encloses is the same. All the spheres enclosed in the system exist in pairs one on the right and the other on the left but a sphere at the center of the whole stands out as unique. A sphere on the left of the system can be described in relation to the one that exist on the right and vice-versa. But the sphere in the center is relative to itself. The sphere on the left and right, by its position, is limited to have complete vision of the whole. However, the sphere at the center can conceive everything of the whole. It can perceive even a small perturbation in any sphere in the whole.

Suppose we consider these spheres, as living system capable of producing the pulse then the central sphere is the God that perceives every pulse. The Central Sphere becomes the neutral observer. Since we have introduced an important term called Pulse, let us visualize the origin of pulse before we go further

Origin of Pulse

Pulse has its origin in non-equilibrium on the left and the right. One can imagine here a number eight with one of the arms being bigger and the other smaller by a ratio 4:3. Naturally a flow exists from the dominant to the recessive. This flow has a quantum existence and  after a period the recessive turns dominant and vice-versa and the flow is reversed. The whole process is a contraction and expansion of the system. It results in the dancing flow.  If this flow is visualized in system formed from 8 such particles in space then it becomes a pulsating flow [See the Fig - This is explored in the site in detail].


The Pulse of Life and its Relation to the Central Entity or God

Billions and billions of pulses that arises in one side of the whole will have no stress on the Central Entity. They get neutralized and sustained by the pair on the opposite.  In such a system a directed time never exist. A directed time is the product of human mind, which sets out to conquer and corrupt nature and the whole. A human life and there by his mind can only exist on the left or the right of the Central Entity. By his position he is limited to know the truth of the whole. Without knowing the whole truth he sets out to conquer nature and the whole. In the process he sets a directed time and breaks the fundamental principle of existence. The directed time actually begins to stress the Central Entity and it is forced to act at critical points. The Directed time can have two directions one away from the Central Reality and other towards the Central Reality. These two directions categorize the two different paths by which humanity has acquired the knowledge, one exploring to the center or self-exploration and the other the exploration to the outside or the material body. One signifies the Ancient Knowledge system the other signifies the Modern Knowledge system. But both these system of enquiry is approached with a motive.

It is appropriate to call the term “ Neti” meaning “Not This” that most students of Vedas utter when the last door to truth opens to them. Very clearly it brings out the defeat of motive of the student. The central theme of Vedas and all the religious scriptures is a call to discover and know Him [God] with out an ulterior motive. But it also tells us that it is impossible to know the Central Reality unless the central reality it self favors. Lord Krishna gives warrior Arjuna special senses to see Him. Bible tells us that Jesus came because human beings were incapable of making the supreme sacrifice to know the truth. So the Lord Himself had to lead the path. There seems to be an evolution from the Time of Lord Krishna to Lord Jesus. Lord Krishna offered a special vision to Arjuna and revealed Himself to persuade Arjuna to fight the battle between good and bad. Jesus sacrificed Himself to conquer Evil and death and give life to His creation and the whole. He gave a call to everyone to fallow His path and transform through Him and have that glorious vision and get initialized in Him.

From our vision of universal system it is very clear that no one will know the truth unless he takes the position of Central Reality, the other option is that you should transform through the center. The former is as good as conquering, that leaves the second option as the only means open to know the truth.  No body can transform through the center unless he drops his “I”.  This is the fundamental essence of all religion. This is the central message of the New Testament.

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