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The Grand Design of Time

Life exists inseparably linked to matter and is the cause of motion.  Non-equilibrium is a basic requirement for life, flow and motion to exist. [This is true both for individual systems and the whole] One must recall here that the foundation of science is built on assumption of a fundamental non-equilibrium. The entity we visualized consists of two components, one dominant and the other  recessive in the ratio 4:3 and a never ending flow exist in it. We can consider the dominant the Mind, or male and the recessive as Soul or female. The origin of flow occurs from the Mind. Thus the beginning of time and motion occurs from mind. As a quantum flow occurs, the feminine turns dominant and the dominant turns recessive. This phase however is a transition phase, which gives way to the second beginning. We can assume it as the oscillating pendulum that has no friction or the uniform fundamental motion in the absence of force that Galileo assumed in order to launch science.

Suppose we assume that the feminine component does not respond with a free flow back, then common sense tells us that the period of oscillation decreases and if the trend continues then there comes a situation where the oscillation it self will stop. Thus the call of the creator is always to return to Him with out self and in full such that a directed time that leads to death is not created. The corruption and conquering motive are the the two devils He fights relentlessly

The Central Entity being at the center is fully aware of the truth, it is capable of perceiving everything from nature, being the father and mother, it holds the basic pulse in which every other system exist. All other systems takes its origin from this parental system in pairs [male and female] one on the left and the other on the right. These systems together form the body of the parental system. It is like a family or the cells of one living system. These secondary systems can only take a position to the left and the right of the system and thus is not aware of the truth and oneness of nature or the universal existence. This ignorance is the cause of friction and setting a direction to time. [This is discussed in the site in various contexts in depth]

The ignorance makes created masculine [dominant] march with a conquering motive [with a negative intent] and feminine [recessive] to march with selfish intent concentrating and obstructing the flow [corrupting intent]. This opposition causes the friction and direction to time. The time begins to stress the Central Reality to act to create new.  Thus the direction to time to the whole comes from the body and its cells.

We the human beings form the cells of His [ Central Reality] body. Vedas and Bible clearly tell us that we are made in His image. Biology tells us that all the cells of the body have its origin from a single cell and carry the complete information, but the information is blocked in time. It also tells us that the informationís are renewed from time to time. The informationís from feminine and masculine are mixed apparently in random manner. The truth of nature is that this random mixing includes two possibilities 0 and 1, which differentiates and expresses the absolute nature of the male and female. This is the truth of Nature. It is the truth of Calvary and Second Coming. It is the truth of Ardha-Narishwara or Lord Shiva

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