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Seven Steps to Truth of Nature

We have advanced very much in science, yet if you care to stop for a moment and look back you realize that you are absolutely ignorant about the truth of nature and its existence. I define here some fundamental steps that would help us lead to the truth of existence.

1] The first step is to realize and understand that life is inseparably linked to matter. All biological system by its nature is fundamentally anti-gravitational in its property. Every life on earth expands and grows against gravity. Second law of thermodynamics applied to biological system and material systems shows the opposing tendency and theyre by the principle of opposition and existence. The developments in Quantum Mechanics have clearly proved this fact beyond doubt. The question left now is, how is it linked? 

2] Second step is to know that Humankind takes an important role in nature and is the cause of origin of directed time or friction and deterioration of nature. The cumulative actions of all Life that are spread on the globe are the source of motion. The actions of the life on the left and the right of the system, except that of human beings, cancels out causing a sustained oscillation. As the left sleeps the right gets up and vice versa. A directed time in such a system does not exist. It is a self-sustaining pendulum, which exist oscillating between two limits. The moment a human being with a mind and a conquering motive, comes into picture then the direction to nature is fixed and time takes nature to the limits. Humankind by his conquering motive and corruption increases the oscillation to a death point.  The cause of such action is human ignorance. Thus life and existence is endangered by human actions

3] The truth of nature thus exists with in our actions. The path to truth of nature thus lies in analyzing our actions. Human actions have two bases, Love and fear. Love is lifes instinctive nature but fear has its root in ignorance. Love causes Cohesion and fear causes selfishness, dispersion and is the basis of all the negative aspects of human nature. Any actions that stem from love is positive and constructive and that stems from fear is negative and destructive. One is life the other is death but they coexist. The knowledge of life and death and their coexistence is the ultimate Knowledge and the secret of nature.

4] Human being in terms of his position on the universe is guided by the same law by which the other lives exist, that is it can only exist to one side of the globe to the left or the right. In other words by his position he is limited to know the whole. Only one entity at the center of the globe is beyond the limits of this law. Every body exists in relation to this entity at the center. The Central Entity is relative to itself. It is an unattached or neutral observer who can perceive any changes in the left and the right. It gets stressed every time an imbalance is caused on the left and the right.

5] Human I that manifest into conquering motive and corruption introduces direction to time. Time can have two directions one to the left and the other to the right. For a sphere this direction is nothing but a winding path to the center and unwinding path away from the center. Thus human I creates a vortex that increases with passing time. Every one gets caught in it and the whole system is pushed to the critical point either to the center or away from the center. This means the Central Point gets stressed every time when the direction of time crosses the equilibrium point and meets death as it pushed to the critical point. See fig.

In the absence of Humankind with an I or conquering motive and corruption, life and the whole system exist fluctuating around the equilibrium point in the green zone [Optimum zone]. However, Humankind with a conquering motive gives direction to time that pushes the whole system to the two critical points inner or outer at which death confronts the system.

6] If death is the ultimate end to which the universal system is tending then the concept of existence does not have any meaning. This also means there should exist a secret action by which death is conquered. The truth of the whole then exists in understanding death and conquering it.  In both winding and unwinding path, stress is built on the Central Entity and Central Entity should respond to stress and death. In other words Central Reality should have a Grand Plan to change the direction of time.

7] The Grand Plan is very simple. The Central Entity is made of two components - A state of I lessness and a state of I.  It is half male and half female [ Ardha Narishwara]. It is a neutral observer, which when it is stressed to critical state comes alive. At one critical end [to the center] the male gives way to the female and it differentiates to express its absolute female nature. In the process, it turns the direction of time.  At another end it turns the time by reveling His absolute masculine nature or I. It probably is the opening of the Third Eye of Lord Shiva or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Calvary is the moment when the time at the center was turned around. The Second Coming or the opening of the Third Eye is the revealing of the Absolute Knowledge. Both are done for the sake of saving humanity - His creation, from total destruction. In this sense one can view the Central Reality the Great Father and Mother.

These seven steps give us the truth of nature. They describe briefly the truth written in Vedas, Bible, Koran, I-Ching and such ancient knowledge systems. However, humanity caught in the vortex of Maya or the materialistic ambition, fired by science, cannot perceive this truth unless the foundation of science is restructured to bring together all the different fragments of science. The site deals with such an attempt.

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