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The site is the product over two decades struggle to understand nature from the point of freedom and with out a conquering motive. As a scientist [bio-technologist], primarily the journey started from science. It progressed by discovering immense flaws in the foundation of biological science and its parental science [ physical science]. Time was spent developing reviewing the foundation and visualizing  new models. The clues for the new model was obtained from nature. As it started taking complete form, it not only brought the unification of different fields of science and helped me visualize nature in sensible manner, but it also began to reveal the unity of science and religion that can bring peace and order to this world.

It is beyond my situation as an ordinary farmer struggling to survive, to unwind every path my mind traversed in the last two decades. I am presenting the distilled fundamentals. One of the prerequisite to understand the contents of the site is an empty or free mind. If your mind is preoccupied or attached to any thinking, you would fail to perceive the truth I am presenting. 

The site approached the problem at hand, by visualizing the fundamental particle, and explaining sensibly the four fundamental properties [ gravity, mass, charge and energy] that are associated with it. It discovers the origin of quantum force, explains the process that leads to cyclic action and reaction. It discovers Anti-gravity and explains nature as an interaction of two basic forces - gravity and anti-gravity, one of which is dominant the other is recessive at any moment of time. Very importantly it differentiates the light and matter particle that I believe is the core problem that led to break down of the foundation of science

The contents of the site already exist in the net. [ Theory of Life and the Living Universe - Unification Theory ]. Here I have attempted to simplify the contents on the basis of  request's and the comments of the visitors of the site. Your continued cooperation is requested.

I believe my life is related to you, It is no use saving my life, unless I save yours - So I keep my struggle to reach out to the world with Unified Knowledge at all cost - A knowledge, which is the only path open for humanity to find peace and order.

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If you find any substance in the site, please spread the message to at least 12 Positively Enquiring Mind with Receptive Heart

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