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Pre Galilean Knowledge System and Grand Unification



After the discovery of uncertainty principle and fall of foundation of science, there has been an increased interest in ancient knowledge systems. Acknowledged scientists have tried to visualize a unity in the conclusions of modern developments in science and ancient knowledge system. Flushes of new age books have hit the bookstall, especially after a classic book Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra. Even the walls between the different knowledge systems also have started weakening with many people coming out showing the unity in them. So let me not waste my limited energy and resources on reviewing it. 

I am limiting myself to discuss some of the important aspect of these philosophies in relation to the light I saw. I am not a great student any of these ancient knowledge systems, yet after my own enquiry into nature and after that point where in I felt I transformed through the Central Reality, I have been able to comprehend the unity of these ancient knowledge systems.

The Base of Ancient Knowledge System

The foundation of the all-ancient knowledge system exists in a journey to the center, using the senses that are the gift of the Father and Mother. In essence it is unifying and tends from disorder to order. In contrast to this, science is a path to the outside and tends from order to disorder. Human mind is at the center of both these journeys. In other words ancient knowledge systems, both of the east and the west, is an exploration of internal aspects of the universal system and the modern is an exploration of the external aspect. The former made a basic conclusion that, motion and change originates from inside, from ones own “self” and the latter assumed that it comes from outside. The dispute as to which is the superior can be settled with a single sentence “With out Galileo, the ball would not have gone to the top of the table for him to role it and show that free fall acceleration is independent of weight of the body”.  Here Galileo, his mind and its intent become vital to the analysis of the whole.

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The following link a expresses the reality of our universe in an elaborate and explicit way, combining philosophical and scientific terminology.  After reading this site, I felt my site is simply giving a consistent, and sensible way to Visualize the Grand Universe expressed in the site. Those of you who come to appreciate the link just imagine replacing the concept of "fluxion" visualized by the author, by the light particle or basic matter expressed in my site that exist in the form of 8 with the arms having a ratio 4:3, and thus has a non equilibrium and therefore an instinctive quantum flow, that turns left into right and vice -versa producing a perpetual vibration  

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