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Secret of Quantum Reality


 New Vision Of Force

The Winding and Unwinding Quantum World - The Secret of Action, Reaction  and the Existence of the Universe



Preface:- In the previous page we visualized a fundamental particle in space and explored how under an external force the fundamental characteristics such as gravity, mass, charge, field, energy  that are associated with the fundamental particles comes into being. Here we are exploring new vision of force


2:1] Exploring a New Vision of Force


 The traditional vision of force visualizes force by a straight line arrow. It quantitizes the force and predicts the action and reaction of force, but does not tell us the process that leads to action and reaction.


Every thing in nature is cyclic. Even those process that apparently appears linear, at its depth is cyclic. Here we will discover force as a curvature in space. How it acts and how the uncertainty emerges, how quality exist within quantity Etc. This vision will go a great way to explain the action and reaction sensibly incorporating all the developments in science. 

I am leading you through certain imaginary steps, that could eventually reveal us the nature of reality and how it exist




From the above figure we note that, the force is acting at an angle in a curved manner on the fundamental particle. It causes a spiral winding of the component. We note here certain basic characteristics that accounts for what we experience in nature

1] There are two choices, it can wind the system from left to right or right to left.

2] The efficiency of the force is maximum when it acts at any of the three corners [ A,B,C] and decreases as we move towards the center [ O] or away from the corner. What it means in a system is that there is limited number of points on which the system can act most efficiently


In contrast to the previous vision, here the force is acting at an angle to the binding force of  the components of the particle system and thus the opposition of the system to  the external  force is minimal. Here small forces produce small results and the system yields to the external force through several quantum internal steps of action and reaction that culminates in the observed reaction to the outside. The internal actions and reactions goes long way explaining the qualitative aspect of systems in nature.  The site notes and explores 9 quantum steps, divisible into 3 major steps, which break down the three left and right frames of the system. 


The force here has two components horizontal component and a vertical component. The following figure expresses it. This means the force is producing compressive winding or unwinding of the system depending on the direction of the force.




Thus in the new vision of force, force it self is visualized as curved  one, causing a winding or unwinding phenomenon. All actions could be viewed as the transmission of winding and unwinding force. Since forces are created in pairs it means

1] For every force acting left to right, there exists a pair, which is acting right to left.

2] It also means  there should exist three principle systems- One producing the force and the other two being the recipient.  One of these systems  [force producing system] gets unwound and the other is wound vice versa at any given moment of time.  


The component, on which the force is applied, undergoes a twisting displacement to the center. We must note here that every twist has three minor quantum steps. see fig -12. When one twist is completed, the system reacts, collapsing into certain new order of existence. I call this First Order of Non-Equilibrium. In the first order of non-equilibrium, the system is compressed by a unit on one plane and is expanded on the other. Here it looses one frame of left and right equilibrium. This system is reversible. The moment the external force is removed the system returns to the original state. 




When the twisting is further continued, it undergoes another winding as above and reaches the second critical state and collapses into Second Order of Non-Equilibrium. This order is quite stable. [It does not return to the original state if the force is removed ]. It is flexible between the first critical and the third critical point.  Here the system loses two  left and right frames and comes to exist in one frame of left and right. A new frame is added, that is it can wind and unwind by a unit. It is flexible to the external force pushing it to third critical state and to the external force pushing it to the previous critical state. In other words, it can wind and unwind by a unit. The system can only be returned to the previous state by applying the opposite force. I call them  Relative Equilibrium Systems. All the systems we deal in nature are of this type.  

When one more  step of winding is done then it reaches the Third Critical Point. Here the system looses all the three left and right frame of existence. The system now inverses, spins and expands on to a new plane [Uncertainty plane. see fig-2 below]. Its left turns right and vice-versa. In the process, it expels the winding force acted upon it back to the system from which it came. In other words the system that produced the winding force now begins to receive the reaction as winding action. One can visualize the whole process as a pulsating one - the beat of the heart. The reaction that we see is a resultant of this reorientation of the system in space . The whole process manifest as spinning accompanied by contraction then expansion


The three step winding process leading to collapse and return to the original state is shown in the  following figure 




The Cyclic process of Quantum Action and Reaction




The above figures explains the process and the steps imagined that leads to action and reaction of a system in nature. The process of action is creation of non-equilibrium in a step wise process. The whole process is a break down of three basic left and right frames, that we imagined on the fundamental particle in the previous page. The process of reaction is a  process of gaining back the old order of existence by left turning right and vice versa. [That takes us back to Great Chinese philosophy and should make us review all the ancient knowledge systems]


There is a serious flaw in our imagination that necessitates us to invent a new dimension to force This flaw relates to action on relative equilibrium systems that are formed as the system is wound to second critical state . Let us explore the relative equilibrium system and the new dimensions of force in detail. Before we go further, let us note two important points of our exercise


Two Important Points


1] Taking into consideration charge denoted to the 8 components of the fundamental particle, the process of winding can be achieved by both attractive force and repulsive force.


2] The central system that is producing the force, should in essence be different from the two system on which force is applied. The cause of action is inherent in the central system, but the cause of action is external for the two particle system. The particle system works to oppose the non-equilibrium being produced on it, but the central system or force producing system is the producer of non equilibrium and eventual receiver of the reaction of the particle system. At the second critical state, the producer of force and recipient of force reaches a relative state of existence.


 [Reader should note that we are dealing with two system which are opposite. As we go further we will discover that the central system is nothing but life, where humanity investigating into nature takes a pivotal role. The basic opposing nature of life and matter is well proven by applying the second Law of thermodynamics  to living system and material systems. This realization tells us humanity is in danger of extinction. In the name of science and with out the knowledge of the oneness, humanity is pushing the material world to its limit and is poised to get the violent reaction. My own struggle for past one and half decades rest on calling the attention of the world to this aspect . You will realize the truth of it when you scan this site completely]


2:2]Exploring the Relative Equilibrium System and Inventing New Dimensions of Force


The relative equilibrium system we saw earlier, is how the material systems exist in nature. It is independent, stable system that exist flexible to external interaction of forces. In the above exercise we imagined these systems being pushed to the third critical state at which the system collapses producing the reaction, however we overlooked an important aspect


What we Over Looked And a Vital Break Through


What we overlooked here is the opposition of the relative equilibrium system to the external forces. We noted that to push the system to the first and second critical state we used a force applied at an angle to the forces binding the system. However when the system reaches the relative equilibrium status, we reach a state where no more force can be to applied on the system to cause the winding The system under stress simply exist flipping through two alternate states. See fig below. 




This necessitates the imagination of  another force [ Recessive Force] which is opposite and supports the winding. We know that equal and opposite forces cancels out,  this invariably means these two forces should exist in a ratio in order for the winding to be effected. The site determines it as 4:3 ratio. This ratio invariably means there is a difference in angle of interaction and there by the path of flow of force. This basic idea  takes its support from immense observation made in nature and the structure and function of information in biological system[ the existence of  Dominant and Recessive genes]. You can imagine here a drill at work. The drill works only if it displaces some matter. The forward spiral movement of the drill is accompanied by  spiral movement of matter in opposite direction. 



Our picture is not complete - A step towards discovering the spatial vision


What we saw above brings to us one way of looking sensibly at the phenomenon of mechanical motion or transfer of energy. Though it helps us to understand the reality of action and reaction, it is incomplete. It is not a spatial vision of action and reaction. We already noted that our fundamental particle has two planes of existence each having vertical and horizontal component. One must account for the forces acting along all these planes. 


To discover the spatial vision all you have to do is to extend our imagination to include another pair of dominant and recessive forces acting in opposite direction see the figure below.





Since equal and opposite forces cancel out, it is very clear that these two opposite forces also should exist in a ratio of 4:3.  This gives us a three tier system, outer, middle and inner in the ratio 1:2:1. see fig below



One dominant and one recessive and the middle which are relatively dominant or recessive. On either way this gives us the famous 3:1 ratio of Gregory Mendel, the father of genetics and biological information Flow. Let us not waver here into the world of Biology, rather set our physical view of nature in order. 


The system formed from above winding is stable see fig above. It simply exists fluctuating between two alternate planes. The certainty plane could be visualized here as Dominant plane and the uncertainty plane as the recessive plane. When the force is pushed to the third critical state the recessive plane turns into dominant plane and dominant plane turns into recessive plane. If the ratio of the winding forces acting from left and right of the system differs by a large extent than we can visualize a mechanical directed motion of the system. Reader must note that we have effectively replaced our previous vision with more appealing  vision of mechanical action and reaction


The Action and Reaction flow


The 1:2:1 ratio presents us a structure of a three tier system, a inner recessive core, a middle body and an outer dominant cover [ positive 4 : Neutral : Negative 3]. This structure has two possible direction of flow. Left to right or right to left. In one case the outer is dominant and the inner is recessive, in the next case the inner is dominant and the outer is recessive, in other words the system exist fluctuating between two states. see fig below. The flow has a definite time period. However this time period could be extended and reduced by the positive  or negative intervention of neutral zone. [ we will understand it as we go on]




An Important point to be noted


 From the structure of the system discussed previously, see fig  below 




The system above is made of two parts, a left and a right that exist in 4:3 ratio. Each of the these parts has in turn contains two components or arms in the ratio 4:3 see figure below. There is a flow with in the arms of the components. This invariably means it gives rise to two waves one dominant and the other recessive that are moving in opposite direction. The recessive is concealed within the dominant and goes unnoticed but is essential for the wave to transmit. Imagine here a drill at work. 



2:3] Is our picture complete? A step towards Understanding Reality- Formation of Radiating Systems


You should by now be realizing the fact that it is not. We have been dealing with force that acts on a single plane. We already noted that the system exist in two planes, a certainty plane and Uncertainty plane that leaves us with the possibility another set of force as above acting on second plane or recessive plane simultaneously. The forces acting on these two planes also  should be in a ratio 4:3 [ By the law that equal and opposite cancels out and therefore for an action to take place there should be a non equilibrium].  See figure below



Now this completes the spatial vision of action and reaction that we discussed earlier. It accounts for the heat induced action and reaction. The process results in six layered system that can be distinguished in to three  layered system of 1:2:1 ratio as in the previous case except that each layer is paired in 4:3 ratio. This is a relative equilibrium system that we discussed. 


Here when the external force pushes the whole system to the third critical state  the balance of the system gets upset. The ratio of opposing forces balancing the system reaches a critical state, in favor of centrifugal force. An unwinding force is unleashed from the center. [ How this possibly happens is discussed below]. This force now acts as winding force on the system that previously produced the winding force on the system. So we witness a reaction that in reality is an action on the first system which now begins to wind and the process goes on. 


The process of unwinding 


Since the winding pressure has non equilibrium on the left and right frame and also on the two planes, when it is pushed to the third critical state of winding, it results into a system with two arms in 4:3 ratio that are directed to the center. These two arms contain 3/4 of the total matter. The other ¼ of the matter is twisted in the opposite direction to the parent arms and takes the shape of two more arms [daughter arms]. When the third critical point is reached the daughter arms comes to lie beneath the parent arm. See Fig.-25 [ below].  At the critical point the ratio of centripetal and centrifugal force reaches the 3:1. This ratio leads to the collapses of the system to the center. In the process, ¼ of the matter, which was caught with in the pair of bigger arms, is ejected from the opposite side. The whole process is compression and expansion process. The compression is accompanied by ejection of matter in one plane and is simultaneously accompanied by sucking of matter on the second plane to regain the state before compression. [We must not forget that all the systems are linked because of the basic non-equilibrium. Here we can imagine it as the suction of the field which manifest as unwinding force on the external system]. The process is thus repeated endlessly. They can principally cause a never-ending flow. This brings to us a system that radiates light - A STELLAR SYSTEM 

2.3A] The Basic Matter from which Universe is made

The ejected matter particle because of the structure of the system and the process of breakdown and emission has 3:1 ratio in the arms. The emitted matter unwinds in a stepwise manner to gain 4:3 ratios and exist flipping between two alternate states. The whole system spins and moves in relation to the non-equilibrium in the ejected matter. See Fig. 26. This is the basic matter by which nature is made. We can look at it as charge, light, heat, or energy particle






The vision we get here is that of a pulsating system that expand and contracts between two limits. In one phase the force acts from periphery to the center and in the next force acts from the center to the periphery. In the whole process the left turns right and vice versa. The energy or force or non equilibrium, acting and winding from the dominant plane say from right to left is given out through the second plane or the recessive plane in left to right manner. The whole process could be compared to the function of heart of a living system. No wonder ancient philosophers, the great minds of the past described this universe as living one and that the whole world is contained in one breath of the "creator".  That leaves us to discover the creator - the original cause behind the initiation of the act of winding. Let us not move right away to the world of light, our eyes that stayed in darkness of physical world for centuries will only fail to perceive it. 


2:4] Vital Differentiation of Light matter, Atomic Matter, its possible formation and its existence


Science took its root in human quest to know matter and exploit it. Yet we have failed to visualize and differentiate matter.  Three major evolutions in science have its root in our inability to visualize matter. The Newtonian physical laws and world view is built on atomic matter and its characteristics. The break down of Newtonian worldview has its root in light matter, which defied Newtonian laws. Einsteinian worldview was built on light matter and its physical property. However, we still have not differentiated Newtonian matter and light matter. This is a crucial flaw in human vision of nature. Let us address this question now.


Knowing radiating system, light matter and understanding the propagation of light


In the above case [ 2.3] we saw how a radiating system exists and how a pair of light matter in the ratio 4:3 is thrown in a spiral manner from the radiating system.  Let us review the radiating system in detail

1] Since forces are created in pairs it invariably means there are two non-equilibrium systems [radiating systems] as above one on the left and the other on the right of the force producing system. These two systems are relative to one another and to the force producing system.

2] Since the ejected particle is in the ratio 4:3, the radiating system spins and move in a circle. The trajectory of the ejected particle is a spiral one. It undergoes a three step unwinding process as discussed earlier.

3] The process of ejection on one plane creates a suction pressure of equivalent magnitude on the second plane. This suction twitches a particle out of the field and attracts it to the system. See fig below. This process explains many characteristics of radiating system and radiation



1] It explains continued existence of radiating system.

2] It explains why speed of light is the maximum speed attainable. It is understandable from the above figure. The light particle makes a quantum motion from A to A1 powered by expelling or repulsive force. It is makes another quantum jump from A1 to B powered by the attractive force. There is no inherent resistance to motion. Motion is powered by the instinct to reach an equilibrium that is lost. [The journey from A to A1 is a three step unwinding process and the journey from A1 to B is three step winding process].

In contrast to the above when a mechanical directed force is applied on a material system, there is an inherent resistance to motion in one plane of the system, thus the system makes a quantum jump and then decelerates, unless further force is applied.  See fig below. We will see more about it later



Extending the picture into a spatial vision


Extending the above picture into a spatial vision involves 8 radiating system. One of them being the dominant [actor or donor], one recessive [receiver] and other six forms the body which transmits the charge in space. see fig






A point to Note - Discovering the basal field and its flux


1] Our visualization above gives us a cyclic figure only if the two system A and B

are equal in magnitude. But from the fundamental structure of nature that we explored previously A and B are in 4:3 ratio. This means that B being recessive would fail to suck all the charge or light particle released by the dominant A. It can only suck charge in proportion to its strength. This invariably means the charge emitted from A and sucked by B adds some charge to the environment. This is compensated by similar but opposite process going on the other side.  This accounts to the existence of a field or environment and a flux in it. The two systems are enclosed in this flux. [The spatial vision invariably means there are six intermediary steps] The light particles or charges vanishes into this field and gets created from this field. In one case it adds heat or charge to the environment in the other takes heat or charge from the environment. We will understand and discuss this aspect in greater detail as we go on


A Vital Vision of Matter of the Universe


In the above case we visualized a radiating system and the light matter on which Einstein built his world. Let us now see the matter of Newtonian world. Einstein's equation E=m [CxC], suggest that matter particles are born from the collision of two particles that are moving in the speed of light. 

From our above vision we a can visualize two possible states of collision of light particles.

1] Collision of particles in the first stage of unwinding. The system that results in such collision collapses back to form radiating systems




2] collision of light particles in the second stage of unwinding can lead to the formation relative equilibrium system we discussed previously. see figure below.




Formation of Atoms or Matter


Let us now take the case where a relative equilibrium system like the one we visualized above possibly formed from the collision of two light particles in the second order of unwinding, being exposed to spatial winding force as we visualized in 2:3.  

It is sensible that since the system cannot unwind in to the second plane, to the outside, the system winds onto the second plane to the inside. See fig below. In the first moment more than half of the matter content of the system [certain proportion] is wound on to the second plane. If the winding force is continued then more than half of the remaining matter [same proportion as in the previous case] is again wound on to the second plane, this process goes on. Every time force acts, it concentrates certain fixed proportion of the matter to the second plane. If the direction of the force is reversed then it unwinds from the internal plane. THIS BRINGS TO US THE PICTURE OF AN ATOM.  This also explains the cooling and heating of the material systems




Let us now review Newtonian vision built on Euclidian geometry and Einstein's vision built on Rieman's geometry and discover the uncertainty, that led scientist adopt statistical language to express nature and its reality

1] Newtonian world is built on relative equilibrium system and the vision of atoms. An atomic system is stable and by its instinct tries to maintain its equilibrium. It has equilibrium that is situated inside the system. When a force is applied on one plane the system grows in proportion on the second plane. In other words it is a system that exists in two planes and the planes exist together in space. When a quantum force acts on a system, the systems receives a quantum force and unwinds proportionally and if no further force is applied it decelerates under the inherent opposing force acting on the second plane. See fig [The figure is only a simple expression of the idea. Reader should visualize it from the atomic vision we developed, where more than half of the matter content is wound to the center in one plane. The remaining resting in the second plane.]



2] Einstein's world - In contrast to the above deals with relative non-equilibrium systems. Here the systems are compressed and wound to non-equilibrium state. In this non-equilibrium state the system comes to occupy one half of any one plane.  It has its equilibrium point situated outside the system in relation to 7 other systems distributed in space. This non-equilibrium system by its instinct tries to attain equilibrium by exchanging matter with its pair and a flow of energy begins in this process.  The flow of energy in space has a pattern and is cyclic.  It involves seven other system distributed in space. This is discussed below








The flow of non equilibrium force - A to A1 to C to C1 to D1 to D to B1 to B to A


We are assuming here all the 8 systems distributed in space as non-equilibrium system that emits radiation or light particle.  The particle radiated goes through three step unwinding and is then sucked by "A1" by three step winding, the particle released by "A1", is sucked by "C", the particle released by "C' is sucked by "C1". Particle released by "C1" is sucked by "D1" to "D" to "B1" to "B" to "A"  


The above flow should be visualized as two flows a forward one [A to A1 to C to C1 to D1] and back ward one [D1 to D to B1 to B to A].  The charges sucked in to A1, C1 and D1 are less than the charges emitted by its pair. This adds heat to the system. In contrast to this the charges sucked by the D, B, and A is higher than charge expelled by its pair. This removes the heat from the system. The process creates a flux in the field. [Reader should note that we are Imagining field in to which the light particle or charge particle or heat particle emitted from the system vanishes and gets created under the expelling and attracting force of the system.  However we have not visualized the formation of such a basal field we will come to it shortly] 


The whole process is a flow from the dominant to the recessive and back. This is a typical quantum flow of energy or force, however minute or however big it is. The root of uncertainty exists in this typical process of flow.


The Root of Uncertainty 


Since motion is basically a spatial winding left or right, involving eight component parts, distributed in three left and right frames, even the smallest path taken has a left to right and right to left twist with a unit movement to the center or away from the center depending on the direction of the force. 


The root of uncertainty exists in our inability to comprehend and differentiate Newtonian matter and Einsteinian matter. Newton was dealing with action and reaction with material system, which are in relative equilibrium state, and has its equilibrium point towards its own center, thus they resist motion. Einstein was dealing with radiating systems and radiations, which are non-equilibrium systems and has their equilibrium point out side the system in relation to 7 similar non-equilibrium systems distributed in space. They are thus systems, which instinctively favors motion. A light particle that emerges from a radiating system makes a quantum jump.  It appears to be moving in a straight line, but in reality it is taking a curved path and the particle is under going an unwinding or winding process at any moment of time. This unwinding and winding motion of the light particle account for all the phenomena’s of light and its propagation [This will be dealt in detail later on] 


 Before we go further let us review important points of our exercise.


1] Our vision of the fundamental particle give us a sensible way to look at the origin of fundamental properties like gravity, mass, energy, charge, etc which are the corner stones of science, but remains unexplained by science sensibly.


2] It has potential to accommodate all the developments in science. [We will discover it as we go further] On the outset you might have already noted that it accounts for the Newtonian worldview, Einsteinian worldview and Quantum world view and has potentials to explain the co existence of relativity and uncertainty. 


The force as we saw can be left winding or right winding, it is impossible to know from the observed result whether the force caused left winding pressure or right winding pressure. Further the path of any system from our vision is spiral and relative.


It brings forth two relative movements

·         The movement of any one component of our system in winding manner [say left winding] is accompanied by the relative movement of the seven other components. 

·         When there exist a system that is experiencing a left winding there also should exist a pair to it which experiences the right winding force

·         In addition to the above two systems there should exist a third system that is producing force and this system should be unwinding in proportion




3] The vision accounts for expanding and contracting universe, that emerged from Einstein’s work. It by passes the stupidity of imagining all the matter being condensed to one single point that has no pair to relate with and determine.

Here in our vision the system is not condensed to a point, but to a critical ratio and it has another system to relate and determine. The reference system here is non other than the living system, which produces the winding force.


The vision also accounts for Inflationary Universe Scenario Put forth by scientist who has been trying to put together quantum science and relativity science and bring out a sensible picture of origin of the universe.


Einstein was quite aware of the limitations of his work and possible nonsensical conclusion it would lead to when it is extended in time. Thus his mind struggled to bring forth some new twist to his theory, by introducing Anti- gravitational force, cosmological constant etc. He attempted with out success to present a stable picture of the universe. He came close to reality when he spoke about replacing numerical physical constants with ratios. His theory incorporates the observer as integral and influencing entity. Unfortunately he could not perceive the importance of biological system and its essential process. Thus he failed to perceive a universe that is stable and sustained. The source of anti-gravity very much existed in biological system. The structure and function of biological system is designed to act against the forces of gravity and bring stability to the system [Principally this aspect is explored in the site]


Can we claim to have developed a sensible picture of Nature?

No, not in any manner. We began with a force producing system [a living system] applying force on two systems one on the left and the right. However when we proceeded to discover new dimensions of force and developed spatial vision of force acting on a system [sub heading 2:3] We were imagining four force producing systems with decreasing strength in certain proportion simultaneously acting on the fundamental particle with a pair of force. Here the matter becomes enclosed within the four systems, which are producing force [life system]. In other words we are imagining four Living systems enclosing a matter particle. However in nature what we observe is opposite. In nature Life is enclosed in a material environment and material body. Life works from within the body or the environment. This means we have to inverse our vision. We have to imagine life at the center and matter to the periphery. Our picture of nature and reality becomes incomplete unless we discover living systems its secret and its relationship with matter 



Click here to -  Discover the Living Particle its co existence with matter and formation of Information System

  The following link [Grand Universe] expresses the reality of our universe  in an elaborate and explicit way, combining philosophical and scientific terminology.  After reading this site, I felt my site is simply giving a consistent, and sensible way to Visualize the Grand Universe expressed in the site. Those of you who come to appreciate the link just imagine replacing the concept of "fluxion" visualized by the author, by the light particle or basic matter expressed in my site that exist in the form of 8 with the arms having a ratio 4:3, and thus has a non equilibrium and therefore has an instinctive quantum flow, that turns left into right and vice -versa producing a perpetual vibration. Site discusses how this fundamental particle goes ahead to form apparently opposing matter particles or systems and living particles or systems. The diversity of material world, its creativeness and its property of gravitation or centripetal force is located in the non equilibrium and the instinct to reach higher order of equilibrium. The diversity of living world, its creativeness is located in its instinct to maintain certain form of equilibrium that leads to production of Anti-gravitational force.


If you find any substance in the site, please spread the message to at least 12 Positively Enquiring Mind with Receptive Heart

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