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Discovering the Living Particle [soul] and its co existence with Matter 



Knowing the Relation between Spirit and Matter


Preface - In the earlier pages we visualized how a fundamental particle exists in space and how force acting on it gives rise to the fundamental characteristics such as gravity, mass, charge, energy that science attributes to the particle system. We introduced a system or creator of force, whose essential instinct is some how opposite to the material particle. We assumed it as the living system. 


In the second step we explored the real nature of force that explains all the developments in science in a sensible manner. However, in visualizing spatial vision of force acting on particle system, we had to imagine 4 forces producing system or living system, acting simultaneously from the 4 directions of nature. This however contradicts, the truth we witness in nature. Life in nature always exist inside a body, it is always covered by material particles it always exist in a material environment. This invariably means we have to review our picture of nature by inversing it. This means we have to develop a picture where a living particle is surrounded by material article. 

The following figure presents us the picture as to how possibly the living particle exist in relation to the material particle. We are imagining a system here that is capable of extending into four directions and produce 4 pairs of force as we visualized earlier acting on the fundamental particle in space. The basic difference here is that the direction is changed and the force originates from a single system




We are imagining here the  field of living particle extending and enclosing the matter particle in space. This gives rise to the spiral double helical disposition of matter around the living particle to form a dynamic information unit composing of  4 pairs of dominant and recessive information in space. see fig



The figure is a simple presentation as to how life particle and matter particle are related. The real picture however is much more complicated. One must imagine here a matter particle and the living system in the second order of non-equilibrium. One of the arm of the matter particle is attached to the arm of the living particle leaving the rest three free to interact with other material system attached to other arms of the living system.  See fig below. Their interaction with other system forms the typical structure of double helical DNA. We will deal with it later in detail.





Two important points to be noted


1] The whole system has definite twist favoring left or right. In fact the system is built out of two helical pieces; a left twisted and right twisted one each with four components. One of this piece is dominant the other is recessive.  

2] The material system and the living system are in relative equilibrium state. This means the material system is wound and it has dominant and recessive component. 


2:6] Exploring the Dynamic Information - The Indestructible Reality of Nature

The dynamic information is the reality of nature. Its structure presents us a three tier system, a inner recessive core, a middle body and an outer dominant cover, in the ratio 1:2:1. [Positive 4: Neutral: Negative 3]. The system exists fluctuating between two states. A quantum flow results from the outer dominant to the inner recessive. The time taken for the flow to complete depends on the central entity. [We will understand this statement later]. The ratio now turns in favor of the inner and a reverse flow results see fig below. This explains the pulse of living system





In other words the system has inner critical point and an outer critical point at which the system inverses. The whole system is a pulsating one with an inhaling and exhaling period. To understand the function and the existence of this dynamic information all you have to do is to take a four step spiral ring with proportionately increasing radius of the spiral [say 1/2/3/4] and press it from the outer to the inside. After a critical point the spiral inverses. The same result is obtained if you push it from inner to the out side. [The nature we witness is spatial spiral ball that is winding and unwinding] 


Dynamic information is thus indestructible reality of nature. It is the essence of microcosm as well as the macrocosm. It is self-sustaining.


An Important point to Note 


Since our living particle and material particles are in relative equilibrium state this invariably means there is no cause for any action. Thus we end up in a system that is dead and cannot account for the living nature we see and experience and exploit.


Are we at a dead end?

No, happily we are at the beginning. We can now imagine another living system that is recessive and exist in 4:3 ratio with an opposite twist to the above system.  In space this twist is indistinguishable. Now we have two systems, which we can call male and female and whose union can give rise to new life and perpetuate existence of information


Knowing the male and female living system in space

The following picture gives us how possibly a living system is structured in space



From the above we note that the living particle simply is an extension of matter particle, which in turn originated by the collision of light particles. The living particles formed is relatively stable in space. They are capable of winding and unwinding by a unit in both planes. If pushed to the critical state, they break down. Unlike matter particle they are incapable of winding matter on to one plane to the center. [ Later we will see these matter and living systems in detail and discuss it in relation to the periodic table] 


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  The following link expresses the reality of our universe  in an elaborate and explicit way, combining philosophical and scientific terminology.  After reading this site, I felt my site is simply giving a consistent, and sensible way to Visualize the Grand Universe expressed in the site. Those of you who come to appreciate the link just imagine replacing the concept of "fluxion" visualized by the author, by the light particle or basic matter expressed in my site that exist in the form of 8 with the arms having a ratio 4:3, and thus has a non equilibrium and therefore has an instinctive quantum flow, that turns left into right and vice -versa producing a perpetual vibration. Site discusses how this fundamental particle goes ahead to form apparently opposing matter particles or system and living particles or system. The diversity of material world, its creativeness and its property of gravitation or centripetal force is located in the non equilibrium and the instinct to reach higher order of equilibrium. The diversity of living world, its creativeness is located in its instinct to maintain certain form of equilibrium that leads to production of Anti-gravitational force.  



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