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The search for Truth of nature is a quest on which all the knowledge system known to humanity is built. This quest has resulted in two divergent and apparently contradicting pool of knowledge systems- the spiritual [ eastern] and scientific[ western]. Both these knowledge system are pursued by a conquering motive. The spiritual approach is directed to the center, towards knowing the self and conquering death. The scientific approach is directed to the outside, towards knowing the body or the material world and conquering it. 

Both these approaches have failed to produce the truth of nature. [the unity of spirit and matter or soul and body or living system and non living system]. Consequently we are living in a world that is split into multitude of contradicting religious and scientific concepts and ideas without knowing the inter relationship and oneness.  The misery that an individual, family, community and the whole is enduring is directly related to this ignorance. This includes natural catastrophes, war, terrorism and so on. 

The spiritual and scientific knowledge seems to be the  two phases of the same coin, one being dominant and the other being recessive at any moment of time. Very clearly we live in a period where science is dominant and conquering and spiritual is recessive and submissive. Nature demands a balance between spiritual and materialistic existence at any moment of time. It is  apparent that much of the miseries of the present world is directly related to human greed and his unilateral conquering motive. In other words, the root of misery exist in our inability to balance our material pursuit with spiritual one, there by leading the whole to non equilibrium state and eventual collapse

The situation cannot be saved unless humanity understands the unity of spirit and matter and its oneness. This invariably means there is a necessity to unify different fields of science into one and mingle it with the knowledge of soul or spirit to develop a Grand Unified Knowledge or Grand Unified Theory. Only this can save an individual, family, community and the whole world inching towards self destruction.

Every scientist worth his profession knows that  the mechanistic and deterministic foundation of science broke down with the discovery of Uncertainty principle and quantum mechanics. Einstein very clearly expressed the need to reorient the foundation of science such that reality of nature can be comprehended in a sensible manner. He even suggested that the constants of physical sciences should be replaced with certain ratio's.   A well known physicist Fritjof Capra in his book "Tao of Physics" elegantly describes how all the developments in science is pointing and supporting the  knowledge of Eastern Mystics [ Sages and Monks]. 

Individuals, family, community and the whole of humanity to day is caught in a vortex  of materialistic pursuit, influenced by science that is leading it self to a death point. The only way to bring them out is to invent the Unification Theory and the reality of nature as an advancement of science. Thus the site works first on presenting a new foundation to science that explains all the major developments in science in a sensible manner and goes ahead to account all the unanswered questions. Simultaneously it explains the spirit and the relation between the spirit and matter, the unity between the two and how they account for the cyclic existence of nature.  

Eastern culture , the Vedic, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism all describes the universal existence as dynamic process constantly in motion. It visualizes and understands the universe as an extension of  a Central Reality and the Goal of all eastern philosophies is to know and transcend the Central Reality, this is referred to as Moksha, Enlightenment, Nirvana, etc. With the developments in quantum mechanics and the fall of foundation of science, more and more scientist are looking at the eastern knowledge for clues to reorient and bring out a new foundation to science and explain the reality of nature. There is little doubt about the fact that this universe is dynamic, all the advancement in science is clearly pointing to it, but scientist have failed to comprehend how this dynamic system is structured and how it works. James Lovelock and Maguelis Lynn have shown through computer models that the universe we are living in is a living one

This site brings to you, the fundamental principle on which our nature works, how this dynamic living universe is structured and the grounds on which all the branches of science can be unified and understood sensibly. It brings up the unification of pre Galilean and post Galilean knowledge systems.

Most importantly the site discovers the Central Reality and the science of Moksha, Enlightenment, Nirvana and its counter part, the Second Birth, that is written  in Western Philosophy or Bible


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