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Seven Steps to Truth 

Understanding the Central Reality of Nature - The Grand Unification Theory



Seven Steps to Truth in Brief

Analysis of Post Galilean Truth - New Foundation to science and Unification Theory

1] Discovering the   Fundamental Particle

2] Discovering the Quantum World

New Vision of Force
Action and reaction
Formation of systems
Differentiating light matter and atomic   matter
Root of uncertainty

3]Discovering Living Particle

Knowing the relation between spirit and matter
The origin of Dynamic information system and Double helix's

4] Discovering the Origin and Existence - The Secret of Nature

The Cause and Necessity
The First Three Moments
Nine moments to Birth
Secret of Sustenance of Creation
Discovering and Understanding the Pulse
Secret of Periodic Table
Origin of Plant, Animal and Human Kingdom
The Brief Vision of Universe and Time

5] The Grand Design of Nature- the Formation of New Blood and New Flesh - The Renewal of Nature In Absolute Information

6] Vital Conclusions

7] Vital Implications
World of Information Technology - Will it Survive  or Break down
Earth that is bound to increasingly Quake, Fire, Flood and Bleed 
Quantum World and Health [ To be loaded]
Quantum world and Agriculture [To be loaded]
Quantum world and Social structure [ To be loaded]
Quantum World and Governing [To be Loaded]
Quantum world and Judiciary  [To be loaded]

Summery of the Site

The site presents a new foundation to science and sensibly explains all the development in science. It brings up inseparable  relationship between life and matter and tells us how Time is formed and how it exist in cyclic form. In other words, it tracks the origin and end and explains the existence of this universe in a sensible manner that falls in line with the latest developments in science as well as the ancient knowledge written in Vedas, Bible and all the Great Religious Scriptures. It tells us the cause and necessity for the origin of initial pulse and the fall of the pulse. In the process it traces the reality of nature.

The site has potentials for a New Revolution accompanied by New Technologies that are nature compatible. It  has potential to bring peace and order to  humanity.

Seven Steps to Truth in Brief

Secret of life, Matter and God In Brief

The Pulse

The Design of Time in Brief

The Truth - The Grand Unified Theory In Brief

Pre Galilean Knowledge Systems its Unity and Grand Unification with Modern Knowledge System in Brief

I Keep this Knowledge as an humble Challenge to Scientific Community and Nations which depends on scientific power for protection and to establish Peace and Order to Humanity

My life is linked to yours, there is no survival to me unless I help you survive. Help me if you can to help you

The contents of the site already exist on the net.

[ Theory of Life and the Living Universe - Unification Theory ]

 Here I have attempted to simplify the contents on the basis of  request's and the comments of the visitors of the site. Your continued cooperation is requested.

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