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Vital Implications of Quantum Living Universe

The conclusion and revelation of the site has potentials to transform human outlook and his approach in every field, Information, health, Agriculture, social, governing-----

 1.1] World of Information Technology  – Will it Stay or Break Down

An important conclusion of the Unification Theory is turn around of time or change in the direction of the wave that is associated with the quantum world. The quantum theory that incorporates life in the center, works on an information system that is dynamic. The site notes that information unit of living system works with not two choices but with more than two choices. It notes that in sedentary plant kingdom it works with minimum of two pairs of information, in Animal kingdom it works with 3 pairs of information and in human kingdom with conquering motive and corruption it works with 4 pairs of information system.

My knowledge of the information technology that science has built is limited. I know from the preliminary courses I underwent several yeas back that information is built on machine language that uses two choices 0 and 1. [Yes or No]. This is a linear process. Nature however is non linear. Will this linear information with stand the direction change in the quantum world? At his stage since my own knowledge of the information technology and foundation on which it is built is limited, I cannot predict, yet I wish to present my apprehensions.

A information systems which are paired with a mirror image to form a unit is safe. It can easily adjust to change in direction of the flow. This is the reason why I feel that the plant kingdom is safe against the change in direction. Animal kingdom with three pair of  information's forming a unit also is also safe. They can transform into new planes as the direction changes. But a information system that exist in units of four, there exist no planes on which it can transform when the direction changes. [ This is explained in detail under chapter Creation – Sub heading 3.16] The only path open for human system is to transcend the Central Reality. This is the reason why Eastern philosophies and western philosophies gives a very explicit call to Know and Transform through the Central Reality.

[This is also the reason why I stress that this world can never see peace and order unless we understand the Central Reality or the Absolute Knowledge. This is also the reason why I am struggling against odds with one primary goal of bringing this Unified knowledge to the world at all cost].

What this means is that as the system tends to the end of time, the Information system of humanity will be stressed to the maximum. Those information systems, which have failed to transform could break down with the direction change, the extent of break down might differ.

In the light of the above it becomes important to review the foundation of the Information technology that we have built. Both linear flow and 8 bit dynamic flow could prove disastrous. It is up to the intelligent mind that rule the world of information technology to decide.

1.2] The Earth that is going to Increasingly Quake, Burn, Flood and Bleed

The quantum living worldview with a Central Reality that we discussed in the site we noted has an associated wave. This wave has two-component phases one dominant and the other recessive. They together form a cycle. The component waves are opposing and their opposition is the essence of existence. The system is bound to break down when this essential opposition breaks down. They form the day and night cycle, the awakened and sleeping cycle, functioning and repairing cycle.

This cycle that exist for the Central Reality also exist for the all the living systems. From our understanding of the Central Reality and our relationship with it we note that we can only take one position in relation to it, left or right. To be more correct we can at any moment be only be in one of the eight components that is obtained when the sphere is dissected equally – [See fundamental particle]. When some one ignites a cracker in any one component it causes an expansion and increases the temperature, this is communicated to the whole. This action is accompanied by contracting action on the opposite side. In other words it gets communicated to the opposite thus balancing the system. There is a time gap for this communication.  

Suppose the person explodes the cracker in the night, he in fact is acting against nature capacity to balance. There is no way for nature other than dispelling force built on it in negative manner. The force that otherwise would have been distributed smoothly now gets concentrated.  There begins a bifurcation, one part would get cyclone and heavy rain, [winding force] the other fire and drought [unwinding force]. This in turn, creates unbalanced force beneath the earth possibly leading to movement of earth plates leading to earthquakes.  The origin of natural catastrophes is as simple as that.  There is no doubt that with the advancement of science and immense capacity to exploit the power hidden in matter, our ability to disturb nature and its basic cycle has increased. Humanity, in his greed to conquer and corrupt has forgotten the basic principle that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  We have been seeing natural catastrophes both in increasing magnitude and number, yet we are failing to open our eyes. The blood shed on earth in the name of war on terrorism is totally false because the root of terrorism lies in war. No war on terrorism can be won by war, more the war on terrorism more will be the terrorism and bloodshed, and only true Knowledge or Light can save the situation for mankind. I had vainly attempted to communicate this truth to the world leaders  but failed. I don’t know when His will comes into being

Quantum World View tells us that

1] The conquering motive of unleashed in the name of Globalization by the leaders of west and submission of the corrupt leaders of the East signifies that breaking of the law of nature.

2] Huge action such as Nuclear testing, bombing recklessly a limited area [such as conducted in Hind-Kush Mountains and Iraq], conducted in any one part of the globe will have enormous stressing effect on the whole system. It is communicated to the whole precipitating actions reaction in many systems that are near critical state. The earth quakes; drastic climatic changes, floods and fires have a direct connection to it

3] Our reckless intervention into natural day and night cycle is absolutely wrong. 


If you find any substance in the site, please spread the message to at least 12 Positively Enquiring Mind with Receptive Heart

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