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The Truth The Grand Unified Theory

The truth is simple. All that is created should die and should be renewed. This world is the creation of the Central Reality The Central Male and Central Female souls, the Father and Mother in unity and absolute flow. Everything else is the product of their Union- a product that came from their body or matter that covered these souls. [How this happens is explored in the site]  The instinct of Life or Creator, the Father and Mother, calls for constant unrestricted flow and balance between the left and right of His family within in certain critical limits. However the individuated systems or their children which are formed on the left and the right fails to perceive the call as they pursue their life with a conquering motive and corruption. This is no fault of the created systems, it exist in the design. In other words, when Lord created life He also created death. This also necessitated a plan for conquering death and creating new. This grand plan is Calvary and Second Coming. At Calvary He sacrificed His I or masculine nature and expressed His feminine nature in absolute form to transform through His body. In the Second Coming He is bound to express His Masculine nature in absolute form. When His light shines the whole will get initialized in Him and Truth. This is the great pulse described in Bhagavad-Gita. Calvary is the moment when a New Universe was conceived and Second Coming is the birth of New Universe.  The whole is a family. Our fault lies in the fact that under the influence of our I, we failed to understand our root and the relationship.

This world is being lost in a vortex of increasing misery and death because of our incomplete materialistic and religious understanding. There is no future to this world unless it realizes the truth of the Father and Mother the Love and the Secret of Family. This is the Grand Unified Theory.

Any body who understands this message give me a helping hand to spread it - Our life is at stake

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