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The Grand Design of Nature

The Secret of New Flesh and New Blood - Renewal of Nature in Absolute Information


In the previous page we visualized a living universe, which is designed to exist. Its origin and end is encompassed in it. As living system the universe by itself follows all the essential rules of living systems. Its origin exist in Love, its sustenance plan involves Love. It survives and controls everything by means of Information. It has a mind that perceives everything. It has a soul that yields to it absolutely.  It has an absolute information [power] that is in Its command. But all this are of little use against His own body that revolts against Him thus pushing Him to death.  The danger to His existence comes from the system that He created out of His own image - The Humankind.  Humankind, out of conquering motive and corruption creates a directed time that leads to death. The deterioration and the journey to death comes from  lack of knowledge of Love and the family relationship – The oneness of Nature. We forget that we all have a root in one pair of Central Entity. 

Everything that is created should die, the cycle of life and death is thus becomes applicable to the universe in which we exist. The instinct of the system calls to maintain equilibrium, but by the design of nature and the basic ignorance the differentiated systems [specially humankind] fail to perceive the call of the instinct and thus pushes the system to death. Thus design also holds a great plan to conquer death. We all know that life perpetuates information by producing off springs before death. This truth should be enacted in the universal system too for its survival.

The reproductive stage of biological systems clearly tells us that there is a separation of the pair of genetic information. All genetic information is paired, one dominant [male] and the other recessive [female]. They separate to produce a new copy. This invariably means in anticipation of death the Absolute Information also should differentiate and separate and make a union to produce a new body – New Blood and New Flesh. This is so since the body is the source of death.

The basic function of the Information is directed at protecting the pulse and thus the motion. We noted pulse has two phases an expansive phase and a contractive phase. In one phase all the corrupted blood is sourced to the center for purification and in the second phase the purified blood is dispensed to the body to sustain the motion. This flow of blood sustains the flesh and the body. Between purifying and pumping there is a phase, so too between pumping and purifying. One can relate it to day and night cycle that can be split into four. These are four phases of a cycle where left turns right. The process of purifying and balancing and health is directly related to these four phases. Indian system of Health Care [Ayurveda and Yoga] has its foundation here. There are some deep secret held in the structure and function of the Heart- the chambers, the tricuspid and bicuspid valve. Their function is directed at nourishing and sustaining the flesh. But the flesh with its own functioning system fails to perceive the importance of the flow and how it is related to the Central Reality. [We must note that all the cells of a body are potentially a living system by itself] The “self” of the whole and “self” of cells of his flesh clash creating friction and deterioration. Consequently the flow weakens leading to death. The irony is that the whole process is a vortex, unless vortex breaks cells never realize its mistake. This invariably means death is the gateway to real Knowledge.

Death in the sense of absolute seizure of motion or the end of creation is meaning less. It means darkness and no light. Thus there should exist some way the system overcomes death. The concept of reproduction comes here. Reproduction is a means by which the Information and Knowledge [Light] perpetuates building New Flesh and New Flood or the New Body. So we come one round to understand that neither the Soul nor Mind dies. What dies is the body.

This invariably means there should exist a time in the cycle of universal existence when Absolute Information or Central Information differentiates or unwinds to express its recessive state and dominant state in full. In other word there should exist a moment 0 and 1 or big bang origin [Conception] that begins to build New Flesh and New Blood. There also should exist a time when the New Blood and New Flesh come out from the womb to begin a New Cycle or Pulse. Both these points are necessity for capture of Time and ensure Existence. [See Creation 3.17 and The Design of Time]

Attempt to visualize these moments leads us unmistakably to Calvary where the Lord Sacrificed His “I” to express His Love and all the feminine characters in full and conceived New Flesh and New Blood. He called upon humanity to follow His path and be part of the New Flesh and New Blood that would take birth as a Future Event – The Second Coming. The call simply means to sacrifice our “I” and accept death in Him and Know His Truth – The Absolute Knowledge 

When Jesus gave a call to take birth in the Holy Spirit He was calling upon humanity to transform through Him and change side before the inevitable turn around comes. It is very clear from our understanding [discussed previously] that one cannot change the side unless one transforms through the center. This transformation is also is the only path to know the Central Reality or the Creator.  

There are two fundamental aspects to Nature, one comes from matter and the other comes from living matter. One is Gravitational the other is Anti-Gravitational. Their Instinct Clash, one seeks equilibrium and other seeks to protect its equilibrium. The drama that enfolds is the universe we live in. We must note that Linear Scientist working on motion of material system has ended in a Big-bang Theory of Creation. Non Linear scientist  in contrast has ended  saying the universe originated from  a single perturbation.  Both of them  fails to explain how this occurred. Here we are visualizing the oneness of life and matter to visualize how creation and time originated from supreme action of life in light. A fact that forms the central aspect of ancient Knowledge system - The Vedas. The Creation occurred from the self sacrifice of God

There is no way out for Humanity but to know Him and submit to Him. All the advancement in science is absolutely useless to protect you, your family, your society, and your country. No amount of firepower can save you or bring Peace and Order to Humanity. If there is any chance to survive it lies in Absolute Knowledge or the Absolute Information or True Light

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The following link a expresses the expresses the reality of our universe   in an elaborate and explicit way, combining philosophical and scientific terminology.  After reading this site, I felt my site is simply giving a consistent, and sensible way to Visualize the Grand Universe expressed in the site. Those of you who come to appreciate the link just imagine replacing the concept of "fluxion" visualized by the author, by the light particle or basic matter expressed in my site that exist in the form of 8 with the arms having a ratio 4:3, and thus has a non equilibrium and therefore an instinctive quantum flow, that turns left into right and vice-versa producing a perpetual vibration.

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