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Discovering the Fundamental Particle

Origin of Force, Gravity, Mass, Field and Charge 

Dissecting Reality from the Power of the Mind


Science all along has been working to know the building blocks by splitting things. The edifice of science is built on certain vision and properties like gravity, mass, field, charge, etc, that are invented around matter particles. Scientist however fail, to explain sensibly what gives the matter particle the property of gravity, mass, field, charge.  Let us be human and investigate it by our senses - the gift of the Father.

All matter is bound by the principle of gravity or centripetal force. [We will understand how this property comes into existence later]. This means our building blocks by all means should be spherical one. This becomes apparent from nature, where we witness every natural thing being spherical and cyclic. Now that, by our sense perception, we have all ready fixed a possible shape for the fundamental particle. Let us explore

1:1A] Exploring the Exterior of the Particle

To explore the exterior let us imagine ourselves moving around a globe. This attempt can result in different consequences and different results, they are

1] The one who is unbiased, steady in his path and aware of the movement in the surrounding, will keep moving in cycles. Being fully aware of all aspects of the surrounding he overcomes any collision with the one in the front or in the back. He moves relatively and evades collision and death.

2] One who is unbiased and steady in his path, but without the knowledge of the movement in the surrounding will have chances of clashing with the one in the front or in the back and thus lead himself to disorder and death

3] One who is biased but steady in his path, but unaware of the surrounding and the starting point, moves in cycles that are contracting. Depending on the direction, he moves to the left or right creating a vortex and reaches a limit or endpoint where he becomes helpless. This is the point where whole meets the death forces. 

4] The one who is unbiased, but week, has no knowledge of the surrounding, becomes influenced by the vortex in the surrounding. They take the contracting path remains vulnerable and fluctuating, at the end point they will have a chance to survive by falling into a recessive vortex that always accompanies the dominant one and moves in opposite direction. [Imagine here a drill at work]. 

5] A important point to note here is that the best path, that gives the complete perception of the area of the fundamental particle is available to one who is unbiased, steady in his path, but moves left to right and right left in six quantum steps to return to the original point and the starts the journey right to left, with the seventh quantum step

I have spoken of few possible ways by which one can explore the surface of a fundamental particle. 

1:1B] Exploring the inside of the particle

Let us now go to explore the internal aspect of this particle. I am against using any instruments. Yet for the sake understanding, let me dissect it from the power of senses that our Father has bestowed on us. 

An unbiased cutting of the fundamental particle brings us 8 equal components. See fig -1. 


It shows an absolute equilibrium system or particle in space. I call it the absolute fundamental micro particle as well as fundamental absolute macro particle. In other words, it is the microcosm that we exploit as well as the macrocosm in which we exist. It has eight equal components distributed in space. Each component has three triangular flat surfaces, which joins it with the adjacent components and a curved outer surface open to the outside. Note that these eight components are obtained by cutting the whole system on three possible left and right schemes. See Fig-1, Each component is a geodesic

Positive and negative sign gives better understanding of the system. It helps us to club concept of gravity and the concept of charge on to a single platform. [We must note that the latter development contradicted the Newtonian worldview and brought its downfall] Each positive component is covered by three negative components and has a negative component as directly opposite pair or vice-versa. This means our system is absolutely neutral. This is a non-existent situation. A system of the above type is dead; it has no charge, no field, no mass, no energy and no force. Now we can understand why Newton imagined a fundamental non-equilibrium. Non-equilibrium invariably means that there is a net charge, therefore field, and therefore mass. We will understand this statement as we go on. Before going further to see the non-equilibrium let us again, observe the absolute system.

The components of the absolute system are distributed in two planes. I call them certainty plane and uncertainty plane See Fig.-2. It is important that we understand this so that we can extend our vision into space



Each of these planes has a horizontal and a vertical component. As it is, there is no difference between the certainty and uncertainty plane. They come into effect the moment an external force acts on any component. The horizontal and vertical plane on which the force acts becomes the certainty plane the other becomes the uncertainty plane.

An important point to be noted is that each of these components is distributed equally in the certainty and uncertainty plane. They are flexible by a unit on all the three directions and also to the center or away from the center. In other words, our particle exists in three dimensions; the fourth dimension is towards the center or away from it. See Fig.-3   

Each dimension has two choices as far as the external force is concerned; it can take a left or right path. The choice is linked to another direction, which accompanies the external force that is it can move to the center or away from it.



Another important point that one should note here is the concept of opposite. We have here two types of opposition, one vertically opposite and the other directly opposite. See Fig-4 

1.2] Rediscovering Force, Gravity, Mass, Charge and Quantum Nature

Newton assumed origin of gravity in some unexplained non-equilibrium.  His vital assumptions got lost in our quest to conquer nature. Newton never explained how gravity originates nor did he explain the concept of mass. He left it for the future generation to do it. The future generation fallowed his path; they kept exploiting nature by deducing nature in to mathematical formulas and left the fundamental question to be answered by the future generation. The cycle has repeated bringing to the point where we find ourselves today.


An equilibrium system is a dead system. It has no gravity or mass. A distortion in shape thereby non-equilibrium distribution of matter on the left and right frames is necessary for the particle to posses the property of gravity, field, charge and mass. The distortion of a system in space needs the application of external force. Which means there should exist another system, which is the creator of non-equilibrium. Since forces are created in pairs, it invariably means there should exist another particle on which equal and opposite force is applied. We are now ending with two systems with opposite disturbance or non-equilibrium. All non-equilibrium creates a force of equilibrium and this manifest as the gravitational force. The magnitude of non-equilibrium now becomes the mass of the system; this also can be interpreted in terms of charge. I am sure scientist will have a many questions here. Like the difference between the strength of gravitational force and charge force we deal with. But all such questions would vanish as they explore it further.



Understanding the Origin of Gravity, Mass, Charge/Field and Energy 

Let us now observe the Fig-6. This is only an imaginary exercise the real way that it occurs in nature is explained later on]  




In the above figure, a force is applied on one of the component. The component moves to the center by certain distance in proportion to the external force. By the same proportion, the component on the opposite side moves out.  Now we note that


1] There is non-equilibrium in the distribution of matter in the three left and right frames.  Therefore, non-equilibrium in the charges on the left and right comes into existence.


2] The field of the existence of the particle becomes increased in proportion. I mean here the area that the particle needs to make one rotation in space. In other words, the space needed for the spinning motion is increased in proportion to force. Thus we note that in proportion to the non-equilibrium the space increases.


3] We note that our particle has gained a net positive or negative charge. [Assuming that   left as positive and right as negative or vice versa. [More clarity would come to it as we go on.]


4] Since forces are created in pairs, it means there exist another particles on which the opposite force is applied.


5] It means the action has resulted in two equal and opposite charged particles, the attraction between these particles arises because of the equal and opposite non-equilibrium distribution of matter in space. That accounts for gravitational property, the mass, the field/charge and the energy. They all become the measure of the non-equilibrium in the system


A Second form of Non-equilibrium

Our nature is cyclic; one matter revolves around another matter in a relative manner. This means there is relative displacement of these matters in space. This relative uniform displacement cannot be accounted unless there is a second form of non-equilibrium. Non-equilibrium in the size of the particle or the system on the left and right of the force producing system. This becomes clear from the following figure




In the first and the second case, the systems do not possess the gravitational force because they are absolute systems in space. In the third case the first object has force [because it is distorted in space and its left and right frame equilibrium is disturbed] but the second object has no force of its own nor does it yield to the external force. In the fourth case the first and the second object are equal and has equal and opposite distortion in space. The systems move towards each other simultaneously, one left to right the other right to left towards a center. One cannot perceive motion here because there is no relative aspect here to measure or visualize. 


The fifth case is the real case here the systems are unequal and produces unequal force on each other. There is resultant displacement towards the bigger object. Suppose if we imagine the path of movement as curved one, then the bigger object will move in a smaller curved path and the smaller will move in a bigger curved path.

What this invariably means is that the motion we witness in nature works on two types of non -equilibriums

1] Non–equilibrium in relation to the left and right of the system or the distortion of the system in space. This account for the spinning motion

2] Non equilibrium in relation to the strength of the two systems that are interacting. This accounts for the relative motion or displacement.

3] If we take into consideration the role of force producing system, Then it means the force producing system should be bigger than the two interacting systems put together and the whole system is turning around the force producing system.


Thus, our attempt to explore particle has led us to the necessity of visualizing a minimum of three particles or systems. Two systems one big [dominant] and one small [recessive] on the left and right of a central system that produces the equal and opposite force on the two systems. 

Here it becomes important that we analyze the concept of force and discover a third system. This system being the producer of force should in its essence be different from the first two systems. 




Loopholes of Traditional Vision of Force  


The traditional vision of force visualizes force by a straight-line arrow. It quantitizes the force and predicts the action and reaction of force, but does not tell us the process that leads to action and reaction.   It has a sever loopholes. It does not tell us the qualitative aspect of force. We must note that in the above vision one has to apply force equivalent to more than half of the force with which the system is bound in order to produce some visible action.


Every thing around us, in nature, is cyclic. Einstein showed that space-time is a curvature. In the next page we will discover force as a curvature in space. This vision will go a great way to explain the action and reaction sensibly, incorporating all the developments in science. 


This aspects are explored in the next page - Click here to go to next page -

The New Vision of Force - Exploring the Quantum World


  The following link expresses the reality of our universe  in an elaborate and explicit way, combining philosophical and scientific terminology.  After reading this site, I felt my site is simply giving a consistent, and sensible way to Visualize the Grand Universe expressed in the site. Those of you who come to appreciate the link just imagine replacing the concept of "fluxion" visualized by the author, by the light particle or basic matter expressed in my site that exist in the form of 8 with the arms having a ratio 4:3, and thus has a non equilibrium and therefore has an instinctive quantum flow, that turns left into right and vice -versa producing a perpetual vibration. Site discusses how this fundamental particle goes ahead to form apparently opposing matter particles or system and living particles or system. The diversity of material world, its creativeness and its property of gravitation or centripetal force is located in the non equilibrium and the instinct to reach higher order of equilibrium. The diversity of living world, its creativeness is located in its instinct to maintain certain form of equilibrium that leads to production of Anti-gravitational force.

If you find any substance in the site, please spread the message to at least 12 Positively Enquiring Mind with Receptive Heart

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