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The Beginning - The Big bang Origin



Understanding the process of Origin of Force and Creation 

An imaginary exercise that lays the foundation to understand nature


In the previous pages we discovered the fundamental particle, sensibly visualized the possible origin of the fundamental properties such as gravity, mass charge, energy that is associated with it, we reinvented force and explored new dimensions of force, differentiated light matter and atomic matter, understood the origin of uncertainty, visualized formation of living matter and understood the basics of living system or dynamic information unit that pulsates and sustains. However we noted that this basic information unit alone couldn’t account every thing that we witness in nature. It does not tell us an important aspect of nature that is the origin and direction of time and evolution. 


3.0] The Cause and Necessity

To understand the beginning and to know creation it is important that we sketch the force of non-equilibrium acting within this information system. The information unit we visualized has an outer cover of matter made out of 8 matter particles covering an inner particle that is distinct and is opposing the matter particle. We called it living particle. We can also call it the soul.  To understand the cause of origin of force and creation we must sketch non-equilibrium force acting in the components of the individual system - Dominant and the Recessive 


3.1] Non equilibrium in the material system:  


3/4 of the of the equilibrium of the individual material system is directed to their own center, that means away from the center of the whole system. 1/4 is directed to the center of the whole system. We must note here that because of the non-equilibrium [4:3] the center of the whole system lies beyond the center of the individual living system that is the male and female. It lies between the two systems on to the left or right by 1/4th. In other words, there is no geometrical center point. This is so because female here is recessive by the law of non-equilibrium.  The center point is determined by the dominant component. It is an elusive point; A point that move within certain zone.


3.2] Non-equilibrium in the living system:

¼ non-equilibrium force of the living system is directed to the outside that is against the material force. The system has 2/4th matter as neutral and directed to its own center; it also has ¼ non-equilibrium force directed towards the center of the whole system.

3.3] Non equilibrium in the whole system and the Big-Bang Origin:

Moment Zero: - The male [dominant] and female [recessive] system has a relative existence. Their structural disposition in space gives scope for attraction between them. They tend to wind towards each other in search of increased stability. This attraction invariably means the ratio of the material systems that surround the living particle tends to a non-equilibrium state of  3:1. Here one part is contributed by the external material system directed to the center, one part is contributed by the structure of the living particles [The instinctive attraction between male and female or the instinct to reach higher state of equilibrium or we can also simply put it as contribution from design] and the third is contributed by the superiority of the male component.  At this ratio [3:1], the whole system winds to the third critical state and breaks down and inverses. In the process left turns right and vice-versa. The whole process is compression and expansion- it is the first Pulse of a Living Universe- the Big-Bang origin of Macrocosm. It is similar to the first pulse of a living system created by the union of male and female gamete [Microcosm]. The mind of the universe is constructed on this pulse. Mind thus is a created product. If we sketch the change of the fundamental ratio 4:3, we note that under the compressive force it shifts to 3:2, then to 2:1 and then to 1:0. Here the female submits to the male and facilitates the change of direction left to right or vice versa.  


The above process is accompanied by a huge explosion, because the three step winding would have taken the external material system to the third type of critical winding we saw previously [sub heading - 2:5 in the previous page]. The explosion is not the type which originate from a point but resembles the Inflation Theory of Origin


    Let us note some important points before we go further  

1] The structure of living particle makes it a four-tier system. Each tier having a dominant and passive component.  This means the whole system [male and female] has eight tiers. The dominant tiers are expressed to the outside the recessive tier is hidden. The first order of non-equilibrium invariably means the 8-tier system is wound to 6-tier system. Three are expressed to the outside as dominant and the other three is hidden as passive.  One pair is wound to the center or away from the center. In other words it is wound into the opposite plane [We must note that our space is three-dimensional and our system at any given moment can only be moving in any one direction, left to right or right to left. This is always accompanied by a fourth dimension that is winding or unwinding]. Now, this explains active and passive gene and triplet code. There is enough reason here for biologist to break down one gene one-enzyme hypothesis and construct a dynamic gene relation ship. Six pair of gene forming an immediate group. It is linked to other group with two more genes. [Bio-Technologist’s please note this] We will explore it in detail later on  


2] The male and female system [Creator System] when it reaches the critical 3:1 ratio, because of the non-equilibrium exist not at the geometrical center but away from it, in proportion to the non-equilibrium.


3] The explosion occurs from 16 systems, which are spatially distributed in three layers [three frames of left and right] around the male and female system. [The birth thus involves 18 systems, 16 material and 2 living systems]. 


The explosion or the Big bang throws up matter into space as we visualized in the third type of action and reaction. [See sub-heading 2.3 in the previous page]. This results in the spinning and spiral displacing motion of the individual system. This motion of individual system is relative to the other systems.

This motion shows up as two waves one moving left to right, the other right to left. One of them is dominant, the other recessive.  Both these waves in turn has a passive wave component which is opposite on the same plane. The angle between these two waves decides the characteristics of the wave See Fig below 







Earlier we noted that the emitted matter or charge unwinds in space in a stepwise manner. Let me write the figure again for you. See fig –37  





In our above visualization of explosion, we can conceive possible collision of light matter expelled. Fundamentally, two types of collision can occur here

1] When two matter particles are in the first state of unwinding. 

2] When two particles are in second state of unwinding.  

In the former case, it results in the formation of non-equilibrium system, which emits light matter in to space. [Formation of radiating systems] In the latter case, it results in to relative equilibrium system. [Material systems] Nature is so designed that all these collision occurs between two particles that have a ratio 4:3.

3] The third state of unwinding simply adds or negates to the external flux


3.4] The First Moment of Origin or Creation – The Formation of the Mind


The process that precedes the first moment

We saw a situation where the act of life the male and female souls leading to three step winding of the whole system to a critical state at which the system collapses and begins a unwinding process. We earlier noted that each of these three steps in turn possess three minor steps. Let us now try to visualize the unwinding process.



The first moment of the explosion throws up 16 light matter particles to the center in curved winding manner and 16 to the outside in an unwinding manner. Out of this, eight are dominant and the other eight are recessive. The 16 light particles, which are thrown to the center, results in a collision in the first order of unwinding [see fig above] and this results in a unique system, which is stable in space but emits charge to the outside in response to winding or unwinding stress acting on it.   In other words, this system opposes any winding or unwinding force acting on it.  It is the source of stability to the whole system. It has a twist in opposite direction to the creator system. It is capable of emitting light matter all around in spiral manner in respect to both left winding and right winding forces acting on it. The system formed could be viewed as the mind


We must note that the first moment of explosion also throws 16 light particles to the outside. They collide in the first order to form an outer ring of non-equilibrium system emitting light matter in to space. 


Thus, we end in three layers - Inner and outer radiating layer and a middle layer from which the outer and the inner originated. The middle layer after the first explosion forms a field around the creator system and the inner radiating system. The field should be imagined here as something that is put together by 16 light particles. One can compare it to football that is stitched from parts the only difference is that here is that the sixteen particles are of not equal size and thus it takes a definite twisted orientation. Fallowing first moment the twist of the middle layer is reversed and favors the twist of the Parent Creator System. The twist of the parent creator it self is changed what was earlier recessive turns into dominant and vice versa. This means the twist of the whole system is changed.


Two important points to be noted is that 

1] The inner radiating system has a structure similar to the parental system except that its twist is opposite to the parental twist. The opposing nature of Creator [soul] and inner Radiating system [Mind] gives stability to the system. They form the two basic elements around which life is constructed - The Mind and Heart. It also forms two points between which the system oscillates.

2] We must note that the whole system has a chosen twist to the left or the right determined by the Creator system. The outer layer of the radiating system favors this twist direction by ¾ and opposes it by ¼. The central system opposes this twist by ¾ and favors it by ¼. The middle field by virtue of the twist is oppositely directed to the creator system in the beginning is now directed to the twist of the parent system by3/4 and opposes by ¼.  The equation is 7/12 in favor of the parent system and 5/12 opposite to the parent system. This means that there is resistance and friction yet there is direction to the whole system. This direction is directed back to the creator system [Male and female], which goes passive and receptive after the first moment. In other words, the creator system becomes the recipient of the reaction and the direction of evolution of the whole system. The act of the male and female creates a center [a son] around which the whole exists


3] The three layers differentiated exist in certain ratio. The inner or central comprises of ¼ of the total material matter, the outer contains ¼ of the total material matter and the middle contains the other ½. [Note I am speaking of material matter]. The interaction between these three layers of radiating system is typical of system, which lives, evolves and involutes. 


4] Since the emitted charges from the system always exist in the ratio 4:3 the system moves in a curved manner that culminates in cyclic path 

5] Further cause for motion in the system originates from the ring of external radiating system, which instantaneously precipitates action from the central radiating system. The whole system at the end of first moment has developed an outer environment or body that creates the cause for further action, a Middle soul and Central Mind around which the whole system exist 


At the end of first moment 




3.5] The Second Moment


The second moment of big-bang results in the emission of 16 particles from the center to the outside. Simultaneously 16 particles of equal magnitude are twitched from the middle field because of the sucking force originated in the light emitting system at the center.  Eight of the light particles originating from the middle and central radiating system collide in a directly opposite manner in the second order of unwinding to form eight relative equilibrium systems or matter systems. The other eight particles unwind to the third critical state to form another layer of field.  


Similarly 16 light particles are also emitted from the outer layer to the inside, which is accompanied by twitching and sucking 16 light particles of similar magnitude from the basal field. Eight pairs of them collide in directly opposite manner in the first order of unwinding to form eight more light emitting systems. The others unwind and go to the formation of a field around the system.  Thus at the end of second moment we are left with an inner radiating system, outer layer of radiating systems [16 in number]. In between these two radiating layers there is a middle field, which contains the parental system surrounded by 8-matter system. Thus we see the origin of an information unit and the system reaching relative equilibrium state.

The end of second moment thus gives a structure of one whole living system. There is a central radiating system [mind], an off centered soul surrounded by eight material systems with three layers of field covering it. They together form the information system flexible in all the four dimensions of space. The whole thing is enclosed in the outer ring of radiating systems, which form the environment in which it survives.      

We must note few important points

1] The creator system has more than ½ of the matter of the universe [4/7]. Thus, the system we are imagining is quite stable

2] The end of second moment the whole system is unwound by 1/2.  

3]The outer radiating system is winding in its characteristics and thus is directed to the center and the space available for it decreases. In contrast to this the inner radiating system is unwinding in its response and thus is directed away from the center and the space available for it increases.


3.6] Third Moment of Origin

With the completion of second moment, the system is unwound to the second critical state. In other words, they are unwound completely and exist in relative equilibrium state. The outer layer of radiating system continue to emit light matter producing a winding force, instantaneously the central radiating system unwinds to balance the system. An important thing to be noted here is that, at the end of the second moment the matter is distributed evenly to the outside and to the inside from the middle layer. In other words, the space inside and outside from where the matter gets distributed equals. Since the radiating system continuously emits matter, and since these two radiating layers produces opposite winding pressure. This space available for expansion becomes limited and the 8 relative material systems in the middle is compressed and collapses by winding matter to its center on to the second plane. Thus, certain proportion of matter is rendered passive and flow begins towards the off centered real center. [Recall matter being wound under external force]. This winding maintains the space in which the matter is distributed. It also begins to stress the dominant soul that went recessive in the first moment.


We can now assume that a living cell or universe is formed that has time direction. Here the soul is represented by the parental living particle and the central radiating system represents the mind. The whole system has now developed a dynamic information system consisting of eight material systems surrounding the off centered central living particle to form a double helix.


The mind now takes the central point of this information unit  [I call this the basic unit of information in a dynamic system {Living and Evolving}]. 


Important Note: -

The whole creation thus enacts the structure of the family. The union of the Father the dominant and the Mother the recessive to give rise to a Son, which becomes the principal center of the family.  The structure of the family is protected by the information that is developed in the process.


[An important point one should note about the origin in the ratio and its changes. The collapse leading to creation originates from 3:1 non-equilibrium directed to the center. The first moment of origin is propelled by a ratio 4:3 directed away from the center. The second moment it reaches a 3:3 ratio. The third moment when the matter is wound in to passive state in the eight material particle formed the ratio 4:3 are directed to the center. Thus, the creator after the act of creation goes into passive recipient state.]


3.7] Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Moment of Origin - Formation of Fields:

With the next three moments, the system begins to build up the body. The charges expelled from the outer radiating layer keeps adding certain definite proportion of radiating systems and fields. The central layer in contrast adds only fields. Successive fields added are increasingly wound in opposite direction to the winding of the creator system.  This formation of the field begins to cause an unwinding force on the parental system.



3.8] Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Moment - The Birth of the Living Universe:

The seventh eight and ninth moment adds three more fields around the system, winding the creator system to another critical point and the system overcomes the stress by changing its left and right.  The dominant turns recessive and the recessive turns dominant in the process, it expels the force acted on it, back to nature.  It spins and moves in the process. The whole process is compression and expansion of the creator system.  It is the second pulse that completes the cycle. The Father that had gone recessive now turns dominant and the cycle goes on.


3.9] The Secret of Sustenance of Creation  - The Real Cycle and the relation between Mind, Matter, Soul and Consciousness


The creation we visualized has only two realities, soul and matter. The matter covers the soul in space to form a dynamic information unit. There exist two souls and two information units, one dominant the other recessive.


The Union of these two souls and accompanying dynamic information unit leads to the creation. Here the union results in the dominant going recessive and the recessive turning dominant. It is a brooding state, a state where the essence of the father goes into mother’s womb. Here the essence grows and eventually tears the womb to come out and establish it self again. The child born grows into a man unites with feminine and the cycle goes on. [This is the basal and divine cycle of information, flow, the real cycle that involves mixed information, you and me, is discussed later]


Thus the essence of the Father or the Absolute Dominant Information or the Mind of the Father encapsulated in the womb is Consciousness. [We will see more about it later in the discussion part] This brings us to the Existence Theory of Vedic literature and the ancient knowledge systems


The Dual Nature of the Creator system and the Actual cyclic of existence of this Universe overcoming the terrifying state of big bang and big collapse.


From our exercise we come to note two phases where in the creator unites with feminine resulting in big bang followed by big collapse when the created system emerges breaking the womb. These are terrifying situation for human kind.  However this terrifying situations turns into joy when it is looked up in the right perceptive of Information Flow.


The dual state of existence of the creator can be visualized as

1] A state when the absolute information is in the womb of the mother

2] A state when the absolute information emerges to the outside world to initialize the whole. The stage outside expresses as three stages, child hood, adult hood and old age that exist in the ratio 1:2:1. Information in this stage deteriorates. A new information or new phase is created before death conquers it. Here lies the secret of nature.


This invariably means everything in the universe remains the same, it simply is the body in which Information or Creator, or the Mind of the Creator or the Consciousness unfolds and enfolds.


In the contractive phase Creator System [being recessive] favors the unwinding force of the Central Radiating system [sun or the First-Born], which opposes the winding force of the outer radiating system. Because of non-equilibrium the stress is now directed back to the creator on the recessive plane. After a critical point the recessive turns dominant.  The expansive stage of the Creator favors the outer radiating systems or the one ones born after the First-born or the younger brothers. The direction of the stress is changed but it still gets directed to the Creator.  This dual nature of the creator system is vital factor in the existence.  It is the Pulse of the Universe. We will understand it as we go on.  


This conclusion rules out the imaginary creation of the universe we visualized and brings to us to an oscillating existence between two points. In one point the heart gives way for the mind and at the other mind gives way for the heart. This action of mind and heart gives the pulsation of life  - The secret of existence

Note - I am sure none of my readers would appreciate the visualization because it does not speak of the real world with all its diverse living systems and material systems. Can we visualize this living world sensibly from the foundation we built? Yes we can. To understand we must understand the pulse or quantum action



3.10] Discovering and Understanding the Pulse


The pulse has two phases an expanding phase and contracting phase. However, in reality all pulse has four stage, 

1] Expanding phase

2] Transition phase

3] Contracting phase

4] Transition phase


fallowed by expanding stage and the pulse goes on


One can understand it from the action of force on a ball that causes motion in it. Suppose a force is applied to a ball, the ball will react producing motion in typical manner as shown in fig





It jumps from A to B and decelerates in three more steps to point O. A continued motion can exist in such system by

1] By applying measured quantum of force at B  

2] By applying a measured quantum of force at O


The former produces the uniform motion and the latter produces the pulsating motion. In both cases there should exist a Creator of force.


Galileo laid the foundation of science, assuming that if the friction is reduced the deceleration is prolonged and if no friction exists the ball move on uniformly. Friction is essential reality of all motion and that necessitates the intervention of the Creator of Motion from time to time


4.3] Sense and science


Science has its foundation on many fundamental assumptions that defeats human sense. One of them relates to the arguments put forth by father of modern science to facilitate introduction of mathematics to describe motion.  Let us understand this in few steps 

Step -1

The following figure tells us the arguments Galileo put forth



he rolled a ball along slanted plank. it rolled up the other slanted plank, as he decreased the slope of the second plank, the ball rolled farther and farther and he concluded that if friction did not to exist the ball would role for ever in a uniform manner in a straight line. In one step he created two false platforms, that defeated the sense of humanity. 

1] Friction is an essential reality 

2]All paths in nature is cyclic. Humanity failed to comprehend this truth. 



It would be much more more sensibly to visualize the above argument with a cycle.  see fig below



There are four paths two hidden and two visible [just as dominant expresses and the recessive remains hidden]


As the path 'P2' is stretched it causes compression of the path P1 and P3 and at the same time the path 'P4' expands.  If the system is not stressed to the critical limit it returns to the origin point " O" after a definite number of oscillation. Suppose the system is stressed to the critical then the whole system breaks down and reorganizes. The ball fall into 'P3' and rolls to 'P4' and returns to P3 with increased speed and thus stretching the P3 and P1 and contacting the P1 and P4 and reestablishing path and motion.  It is much more appropriate for us to extend the above visualization into space



Step three is to visualize whole thing in space as a winding and unwinding phenomenon. The creator breaths the ball into space from one plane, in other words unwinds on one plane and receives the winding force on the second plane



3.12] The Truth of Pulse



There are two limits to the breath, the outer and the inner. The breath of the creator places the ball at the equilibrium point [the green line]. But motion does not stop there it is pushed by secondary actions [sources of which are secondary creators - the human beings. This aspect will bbe dealt in detail later] to the death point to the periphery. The Creator makes a quantum action at this point changing the direction of flow.  Now the recessive and the receding turn dominant and the dominant turns recessive. The flow gets directed to the center and reaches the lower critical point for the Creator to respond again.


Here it becomes important that we analyze the Creator of Action.  The action of creator is quantum in nature and it propels the system form A to B [green line].  The motion from B to O is the reaction process of the system that is put into motion. The Creator of action has certain motive; the motive is nothing but motion. The reaction is thus against the wish of the Creator.

From our knowledge of force and motion as a curvature in space we can rewrite the above figure as shown in below. The action originates in the middle and takes the cyclic form as shown in fig. Those who are familiar with Chinese philosophy will immediately note that it is noting but two superimposed cycle of Ta' ai-chi Tu" or Yin and Yang cycle. These two are the Feminine and Masculine side for the Creator of force and motion.






What we have been discussing in the 9 moments of creation are the moments that are concealed in the journey from "A" to "B". It forms the journey from conception to Birth of the universe. It forms exhalation of the Creator System.  The exhalation we noted has two parts expansion and transition. This is followed by inhalation and transition. They represent the feminine and masculine nature of Creator. End of each phase we come across a death point where the creator has to act to put creation in place. In other words we have a creator who creates and sustains by defeating death.


If we observe the figure of Creation of Motion we note that there are two forces acting one from the creator and the other from the object in motion, one follows the other. One creates action and other produces the reaction, one is expansive the other is contractive. In other words one is related to life the other is related to matter. One is related to the Father and Mother and the other is related the issues. The Action of Principal Source or the Creator, the Father and the Mother comes from the base of absolute knowledge that help it conquer death and sustain motion or breath. Being centrally positioned the Creator can perceive everything around it. The Father and Mother is absolute dominant and recessive information.


In order to know the diverse living system that are derived from the parental creator system its important we and analyze receding or transition phase of the this pulse or breath. 


3.13] A word about space 

This universal pulse is spread in a universal space that could be divided in to four layers, an inner, middle and outer in the ratio 1:2:1. Middle composed of two layers



The pulse of the creator has two births that defeat the two death points. In one it expresses the feminine phase or absolute recessive information and the other masculine or absolute dominant information. Differentiation of these two phases becomes a necessity because of the non co-operation of the system that differentiated from the creator. The instinct of the creator is maintenance of the motion, but the system differentiated from the parental system because of its ignorance pushes the whole system to the two death points. 


3.14] You, Me and the Creator


Life forms and Material systems differentiated from the Creator


To understand this aspect let us explore the moments after the birth [9th moment].


At the 9th moment when the off centered creator system changes the direction, the direction of the wave with in the system changes. The system goes into receding phase. Radiating system continue to produce radiating systems in certain proportion. The ordered process now turns into apparently disordered process.


Earlier we visualized various systems being formed from the collision of light particle. Now we can visualize a situation that leads to the collision of light particle leading to formation of many new systems similar to the parental system or soul system and material system. These are formed in the space between the outer and middle layer and the inner and the middle layer. The winding stress caused by the inner and the outer radiating layer on the middle layer and thus the parental system [its mind and soul] is now routed through these systems. 


Let us now see the formation of new systems or the body of the living universe.


After the 9th moment the system begins to go into apparently disordered state. The light particle emitting from the outer radiating layer and inner radiating system can now collide in the second order of unwinding state to give a series of different type of matter particles that account for all the elements of the Periodic Table. 



3.15] Secret of Periodic Table


When one pair of charges or light matter collides in the second order of unwinding it would lead to the formation of a relative equilibrium system in space. Since the whole system is going into winding state, these relative equilibrium systems under the winding force begins to winds and when it reaches the a critical point, it collapses winding, 4/7th portion of the matter to the center to form matter particles. [See 2.4 Formation of Atom].

Here when two light particles collides it gives rise to the hydrogen atom. We must note they are always born in 2 pairs. Two on the left the other two on the right, two on the left is left winding the other two on the right is right winding. When three particles collide, it leads to the formation of lithium, when four particles collide it leads to Helium atom. When five particles collide it leads to the formation of boron, when six particles collide it leads to carbon  --- and so on  




This thinking can lead us to the formation of all the elements of the periodic table. Here the one formed from 2, 10 [4pairs + 2 internal pairs] and 18 pairs [4pairs + 4pairs +2 pairs], 36, 54, 86 etc. have a form of symmetry in space and are known as inert elements. We know that the inert elements cannot form complex substances. They only respond to temperature changes by winding on one plane and unwinding on the other plane.  Fig 45, 46, 48, and 49 differentiates the response of different elements to the external force.


Fig- 45 represents a non-inert element, which has asymmetry. When a mechanical force is applied on it, they open up sticky ends. Which is the cause for bond formation that leads to complex systems? The bond formation is a basic instinct of the system to oppose the external force and increase its stability. All aspects of chemical world could be rebuilt from this understanding. We must know that the winding goes in three steps; each is divisible into three more steps. In other words, there are all together 9-quantum steps. These nine steps express as qualitative aspect of nature. This when combined with the fact that a chemical bonds can be formed from single double and triple bonds means, the qualitative expressions can have many more possibilities.  Here we can visualize a lithium atom developing one pair of sticky end, boron developing two pair of sticky ends and carbon three pairs of sticky ends. The dark portion represents the mass or non-equilibrium content of the system. As the force is increased the non–equilibrium content on the left and the right or the exposed charge increases. The attraction between the unlike charges makes the system increasingly difficult to add further mass to the system. [Recall Einstein’s Relativity Theory]





Fig- 46: Represents the reaction of inert elements to mechanical force. The system winds on one plane and unwinds on the second plane.  The exposed charge increases but is not available for reaction. When it reaches the critical state of 3:1 ratio it breaks down. In addition, the left turns right and vice versa. One must note the mass of the system increases but its reactive capacity is unchanged because there exist symmetry.  It becomes increasingly difficult to increase its mass by mechanical force. The mass induced in to the system opposes the external force. It is evident from the figures [The positive and negative mass binds the system with increasing power]


Fig.- 49 – Represents the heat induced unwinding of the system. Mass is added on all the plane simultaneously and therefore there is no opposition to unwinding as in the earlier case.  They cannot form bonds with other elements to oppose the external force.  When the unwinding reaches a critical state the system collapses turns inside out and rejoins on a new plane.  

 Fig-48 – Shows a typical case where the system compressed on both plane [from all the eight direction - winding of the third type] Here the system turns into a non equilibrium state emitting matter from one plane and sucking up equal amount of matter on the second plane.  



3.16] The Origin of Living System- The, Plant Animal an Human Kingdom


We noted that all the inert elements have some form of equilibrium and thus are not amenable to chemical reactions and mechanical stress. They do not form complexes and show growth. They respond to heat induced winding and unwinding. 


However, these inert systems have one chance to oppose, grow and survive against the external force. This comes just before the critical state. We must note that every system before it reaches the critical state passes an uncertain state. At this state, the system is open and can form bond with material systems to oppose the external force. The origin of information system and the living world has its beginning point here.  In other words the basic instinct on which the whole system works is the instinct to retain balance. All the creativeness arises as a means to maintain equilibrium. Evolution thus can be negative as well as positive. Nature does produce immense evidences for it.


The periodic table gives us several inert elements. Among this the first three seems to be important Helium, Neon and Argon, they possibly go to the formation of two dimensional living system [Sedentary Plant Kingdom], three dimensional living system [Animal kingdom that shows Motion] and 4 dimensional living system [Human kingdom that in addition to motion gives a direction to time]


Possible origin of Plant Kingdom:

The plant kingdom possibly has it origin in an inert element formed by the collision of two pairs [Helium]. Such a system exists in a single plane. [Up or down] and therefore is fixed. Their instinct to survive can account for the formation of non-moving [fixed] plant kingdom. We can call it two-dimensional existence.  See fig. Below. One of the dimensions is movement to left and right and the other is the winding movement to the center or away from the center. The system formed can be left winding or right winding and is capable of existing between two limits in response to external stress as shown in the figure.  The stress can be mechanical [force from left to right or vice-versa] or heat induced [winding force or time influenced force]. They form the two principal stress plant system faces. If the external stress at any instant is more than the limit of the system, it will break down [death]. However, it has the capacity to survive the death by adding matter and thus develop information. We must recall that there is an uncertainty zone before every critical point is reached. In this moment they can form bonds with material particle [develop information's] and evolve against the force acting on them. When the force of time forces it the system survive by simply transforming its left and right


The Truth of Biological Information:

The truth of biological information could be visualized from a simple balance.

Whenever excess force endangering the system is added from the direction "A” the system instinctively adds force from "D” If force is added from "C" it adds force from "B".  If excess force is added from "B' the system would add force on "A". This action of life comes from its own instinct. However the tendency of a “trading mind” is to remove force from "A" and "C". The process of the trader deteriorates the stability of the balance against greater fluctuation that comes with increasing disordered state or ordered state that is related with Time.  Thus life when it is stressed by a left winding force adds information to the right wing, when dominant is stressed the recessive grows and at the critical state dominant turns recessive and recessive turns dominant thus growing against the force acting. [We will see more about it when we discuss the health and analyze the allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic system of health care]

Possible origin of Animal Kingdom: 

An inert element formed from 4 + 1 pairs, would exist in three dimensions see fig. This accounts for animal kingdom, which has freedom to move against the mechanical stress. It has a inner and outer world. However, in response to heat induced stress it either winds to the Inside or Unwinds from the center. Here the system exists as left winding or right winding and flexible to the center or away from the center [plane of time] by a unit. When a winding force to the critical state stresses the system, it can transform into the opposite winding state on the second plane.  In other words, it is also beyond the stress of direction in nature or that of time. The outer and the inner world or independent

Possible Origin of Human Kingdom

An inert element formed from 4+4+1 pairs [total 18] could account for humankind. See Fig. This system is most vulnerable against time that is winding or unwinding. The inner and the outer world are related in the opposite way. When the winding force goes to the critical state, the inner world too is pressed to the critical state in the opposite way. The plant kingdom and Animal kingdom has freedom to survive against the force of time. But human kingdom gets trapped in the Direction of time and finds itself helpless as it tends to the critical. All its paths are blocked.  Survival human kingdom thus needs the intervention of the Creator or the inner world - The Conscious World.


These systems break down when it is stressed to certain critical limit.  That is when the ratio between their passive and dominant components becomes 3:1. We already noted that these inert elements when they are stressed to the critical state it has to cross an uncertainty period and in this period the system can binds with other material particle to overcome the winding stress acting on it. Here the most suitable matter is a carbon atom, which is made of six particles of charge. The basis of information system is nothing but adding matter to left pan when it is stressed on the right pan and vice versa. For every system, which adds a matter to the right pan there should exist a system, which adds matter to the left pan. One must now note that, genes are not created in pairs but in minimum of two pairs [plant kingdom]. In the case of animal system, it is four pairs and in the humankind, it should be eight pairs. These pairs form the fundamental unit of information in the dynamic system. [Scientist of Human Genome Project Please note]  


Some points to note:

1] The formation of elements and the complex material system also is related to the instinct of the material system to maintain the equilibrium and increasingly oppose the external forces disturbing its equilibrium. Here growth towards complexity takes place both in relation to mechanical and heat induced stress. This is well explained in the Fig.- 45, 46, 47  

2] The two form of divisions mitotic and meiotic divisions where in new information are built living systems is a process by which it re adjusts to the force acting on the left and right and the force of time


3.17] Summary of the Secret of the Universe and its Existence


The universe is the product of a Universal Mind [Father] and Universal Soul [Mother]. The Time was conceived when the universal mind made love to the universal soul. With it the universal family came to exist. The existence of the life of the universal mind and universal soul now centered on its issues - Their Children----


All the life on earth is the product of the single parent or a pair of Absolute information.  Energy flows from the dominant to recessive and recessive to the dominant with out any friction and it is eternal.


Humans are made from the image of the creator. However there is a positional difference between the Creator pair and the created. The creator lies at the center.  The created takes position to the left or the right of the created. The creator being at the center has complete vision of the whole and can perceive every minute changes any where in the created field. However, the created is limited by his position is helpless to perceive the Creator and the whole. All the created systems thus becomes relative to the Central Pair. Central Pair in contrast is relative to it self.


This means the created systems always exist in the ignorance of the whole. No number of plant and Animal can be of any danger to the Creator. They balance themselves and support His existence, giving Him joy and fulfilling His will - to keep the whole in motion.

However the formation of humankind in His image puts direction to time challenging the creator and pushing Him to the limits or death. The cause is human "I", which out of the ignorance of the whole, ignorance about the relationship with the Central Reality and the realities around himself, sets out to conquer his surroundings and the whole. In the process he brings death to himself and moves the whole to dead end.  See fig



The Creator should act at this limit to save His creations. The secret of nature exists in knowing these two death points and the way He conquers the death.  Knowing these points is beyond science. It can only be perceived by senses, a sense that enquires His nature in freedom and without "I".  The action by which creator saves the death of the created world are


1] At the center the Central Reality [Creator] sacrifices His male identity [I] and differentiates expressing His feminine nature in full and thus conquers the death.  Thus He opens the gateway for us to return.

2] At the other end [periphery] the Central Reality sacrifices His feminine entity and expresses His male identity in full.


By this essential process He saves His creation and initializes His body or the Family.

This could be interpreted as enfolding and unfolding of the information. As human beings by their ignorance and their conquering motive pushes the whole to death at the center. The creator intervenes to unfold the information or light and changes the direction of time. But humanity blinded by “I” fails to perceive the change. As humanity tends push the whole to the second death point at the periphery, He reveals His true information or Light and begins to enfold it. Both are done out of His Love for humanity or His creation and its existence.


We human beings are like the cells of one living body. Each cell is potentially an independent life and has complete information of the whole system.  However by our position we are limited, our life exists in doing our duty and exist in relation to the Central Information. The goal of life should be to know the Central Information not to conquer it. The goal is beyond human approach with an "I". The whole information can only reveal to you when you pass through the Central Reality and His path.


Biology tells us that all the cells of the body have its origin from a single cell and carry the complete information, but the information is blocked in time. It also tells us that the information’s are renewed from time to time. The information’s from feminine and masculine are mixed apparently in random manner. The truth of nature is that this random mixing includes two possibilities 0 and 1, which differentiates and expresses the absolute nature of the male and female. This is the truth of Nature.


    The structure of this universe   


Human Life has two world Inner and Outer World. Creation has its origin in the union of two souls - male and female.  This union unfolds the 4 basic components of the Universe. 


The inner world holds the Consciousness or the Mind of God Or Pair of Absolute Information. where flow of energy take place with out any reservation or friction. See the Basic matter.


The outer world has four components

1] The heart- the seat of flow [The earth]

2] The Created mind - the seat of intelligence and control [The sun]

3] The dynamic information that protects the flow and ensures continued existence [The planet Systems]

4] The body in which the whole exist [needs to be renewed from time to time – The whole universal system] 


The universal body is created on information and is sustained on information and destroyed and rebuilt on  information [for good]. It has two phases one in which information reveals it self in full and another phase information deteriorates. One can visualize the universe as living system that takes it origin from the pure information, one dominant and the other recessive. 


Death to the living system comes from non-cooperation of the created mind and body. This necessitates renewal of the body by Absolute Information - It is apparent that our world cannot see peace and order unless we discover the Truth of God and oneness of Nature.


The Fundamental Principle guiding the existence of the Universal system


The fundamental principle guiding everything in this universe including the fundamental particle, all the system formed from it and the whole is non-equilibrium. It is the basic requirement for the flow to occur. The consciousness reacts when this fundamental non-equilibrium is disturbed. All attempts to conquer the whole are an act against the consciousness. It precipitates a break down and a turn around. Light and darkness are essential realities of nature. It is true that light can wipe out darkness but the opposite is untrue. The darkness is simply a state where light does not exist. But without darkness the value of light cannot be understood. Any attempt to conquer darkness means an attempt to shut the existence of light. It only brings darkness. The cycle of light and darkness is inescapable reality.


For a true researcher in Science, Veda, Upanishad, Bhagavad-Gita, Bible, Koran, I-Ching, Etc., this explanation can give a vision of Grand Unification and the Oneness of Nature- How everything is related to the Reality of a Central Entity known as God. The Secret of Nature exists in Vedas, Bible, Koran and all the Great Religious Philosophies.


Click here to go to - The Grand Design of Nature - The Formation of New Blood and New Flesh - Renewal of nature in Absolute Information




  The following link expresses the reality of our universe  in an elaborate and explicit way, combining philosophical and scientific terminology.  After reading this site, I felt my site is simply giving a consistent, and sensible way to Visualize the Grand Universe expressed in the site. Those of you who come to appreciate the link just imagine replacing the concept of "fluxion" visualized by the author, by the light particle or basic matter expressed in my site that exist in the form of 8 with the arms having a ratio 4:3, and thus has a non equilibrium and therefore has an instinctive quantum flow, that turns left into right and vice -versa producing a perpetual vibration. Site discusses how this fundamental particle goes ahead to form apparently opposing matter particles or system and living particles or system. The diversity of material world, its creativeness and its property of gravitation or centripetal force is located in the non equilibrium and the instinct to reach higher order of equilibrium. The diversity of living world, its creativeness is located in its instinct to maintain certain form of equilibrium that leads to production of Anti-gravitational force.


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