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Vital Conclusion of Quantum Living Universe

The site concludes that

1] Our universe is one quantum dynamic system, with an associated wave, which has two phase an expanding and contracting one. In other words the universal system is a pulsating one.

2] The origin of Motion comes from the living system. In other words there is a Central Life or Central Reality everything else is its extension

The dynamic system is structured and functions like a living system. It has a soul with an information system and a mind that is enclosed in a material cover. A fundamental non-equilibrium in this Trinity or Central Reality is the cause of origin of motion. All other systems in nature are the extensions of this Trinity and the motion within it. The universe is like a living system; it originates from a single cell with a double information system. This double information cell is the product of union of two cells with single information system. The billions of cells that go to construct the body is simply is an extension of this single cell in time. The basic function of these systems is to maintain a continuous motion or retain life.

The origin of the Universe and Time begins with the union of two sets of pure information one dominant [Male] and the other recessive [Female]. The out come of this union can only have one chance, either the dominant [Male] or the recessive [Female]. This leaves the other chance open to occur and manifest. Thus time has two beginning, one from the center to the outside expanding phase [male phase] and the other from the periphery to the center-contracting phase [female phase]. This completes one cycle of universal time. These two times are simply the 0 and 1 of a random game. They form the limits at which the living system collapses. This aspect is repeatedly explored in the site. See the following links

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The collapse or death of the Central Reality, or Life or Information System has no meaning. The great plan of existence thus exists in the survival process of the information system or the process of reproduction of information before the death strikes. This great plan that exist for all life systems also exist for the one whole living system.

Death strikes because of the ignorance of the body cells or the individuated parts of the whole. How this happens is discussed at length in the site. The Central Reality is stable and protected by a dynamic information system. At one end when it faces death it conceives the information for a New World or New Body [New Flesh and New Blood], at the other end when death confronts it, it delivers the New information and which initializes the New Body or Give Birth to it. This is the secret of existence.

This conclusion of the site is well in line with the age-old Eastern knowledge systems [Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism etc], emerging trends of Science and also well in line with Western Religious Philosophy. The Eastern philosophies and culture describes the Universal existence as a dynamic process constantly in motion. Universe is visualized and understood as an extension of a Central Reality and the goal of all the Eastern Philosophy is to know or transcend the Central Reality. This is referred as Moksha, Enlightenment and Nirvana in Eastern Philosophies. The western philosophy this is referred as the Second Birth or to be Reborn in the Spirit. There is a unity all the religious philosophies but this unity goes beyond our comprehending capacity because we resist the unity with the central reality but tend to form groups away from it. All the religious philosophies in its essence speak of the central reality and the paths and ways to transcend this Central Reality. But in time the philosophies lost their focus split up and got lost in ignorance and away from the Central Reality.

It is quite apparent that this world is slowly inching to self-destruction. Human conquering motive and corruption has reached the maximum, the partial knowledge and the power over matter revealed to humanity is being exploited to the full to destabilize the whole world. Consequently we are witnessing the instability, uncertainty and disorder to the maximum. The two principle knowledge systems, Science and Religion, under the ignorance of the Central Reality or True knowledge has turned a potential tool that can destroy humanity and the all the creations. I hope I need not explain the state of the world we are living in and the cause of it. No individual, no family, no community, no society, no country is safe. The cause of the situation lies with our ignorance or the partial knowledge. Nothing except Truth or Absolute Information can save this world, bring peace and order and deliver a New World. Beyond doubt a turn around or reversal of time is bound to occur. But I am not sure of the moment and the magnitude of the destruction that precedes it

It is apparent from the site that there exist a Central Reality around which everything exist. It acts directly and indirectly calling upon all its creations to maintain equilibrium. Manifestation of the Central Reality in human form and His spirit speaking through selected individuals are real. But humanity as a whole has failed to understand this Reality and the importance of the message.

The truth is that there is no individual life to me; there is no life to me that is separate from my parents, my brother and sisters. However far I am, the relation of the blood and flesh is thick enough for me to return to the root. This call to return exists in all the individuals, family, community and the countries in a recessive form. As the stress builds it looks far the path to return. This return to the root is what the Eastern Philosophies have described as Moksha, Nirvana and Enlightenment. The call of Jesus Christ to get Born Again in His spirit also means the same. The path to Moksha, Nirvana, Enlightenment, is the path the Lord himself in human form showed to Humanity at the Calvary. It is only when one transforms through Central Reality will one know the Central Reality.  The prerequisite is Love, Forgiveness and total submission of once own I with out any question or demand. This is the way to get New Life The Secret of Existence.

Moksha, Enlightenment, Nirvana, New Birth in spirit is a necessity for a New Life and New World. To know why it is so,  refer -  Vital Implications

If you find any substance in the site, please spread the message to at least 12 Positively Enquiring Mind with Receptive Heart

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