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Update: Eight new images added to "Guys and Dolls".

Welcome to the home of operation anime. I have, over the course of several years, obtained nearly five hundred images from various manags, many of which will, in time, appear on this site. Many of the images were collects when I, the head of this site, was eleven. Needless to say, my cataloging skills were... lacking. Due to these circumstances, I do not have the address where I originally obtained many of the pictures used on this site.


Furthermore, since the images are from such a broad number of different mangas, I will not be able to give credit to the site(unless of course the image has the site log on it. . . which several of them do).


Last of all, before entering the site, you must understand, these pictures will not be orginized according to artist, or manga. There will,however, be other ways of orginizing them.


If you find on this site an image you think is only on your site and just a fist full of other sites (in other words, that it's not on every site you ever go to)then I would be glad to give you credit for it.


I will soon have set up an e-mail address you can reach me at.

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disclaimer:I do not, in any part, claim ownership of the images which appear on this site. They belong to the respective artists and publishers.

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