Ottumwa Noon Lions Club Committees



Balloon Races


Our main fundraiser. This committee is the liaison to the Ottumwa Pro Balloon Race committee and is responsible for keeping the club informed of the Balloon Race committee’s activities. This committee also helps with advertising this event and coordinates staffing for this event. This committee is also the liaison to the Oktoberfest committee.


Members: Mark Songer (Chair), Tim Brcka, Matt Heckart, Kermit Knott, Bill Kramer, John Olinger, Andy Pierce, Jim Robinson, Pat Sheedy, Tom Stanek, Lois Wailes, and Bob Wells.




The Banquet Committee coordinates the annual awards banquet. The committee selects award recipients and makes sure that the awards are ordered on time and properly engraved. The Banquet Committee also reserves the facility for the banquet and plans the menu. It develops the program for the evening (e.g., entertainment, speaker). It makes sure that special guests are invited (e.g., the District Governor). The Banquet Committee coordinates the publicity about the Banquet.


Members: Joe McFarland (Chair), Kevin Krumvieda, Mike Ryan, and Tom Stanek.


Community Service/Events


The duty of the Community Service/Events Committee is to coordinate club participation in community service activities such as the city wide cleanup, Salvation Army bell ringing, cow-calf conference parking, YMCA Youth Night, and other events as deemed appropriate. This committee will also coordinate Lion-specific community service projects, such as eyeglasses collection and the glaucomamobile.


Members: Doug Robertson (Chair), Patrick Cowan, Betty Walker-Cowan, and Willene White.


Golf Outing


This committee is responsible for coordinating the Ottumwa Noon Lions Club annual golf outing, which includes making reservations, coordinating refreshments, and collecting prizes.


Members: Steve Sexton and Tom Matusick (Co-Chairs), Boyd Caster, Dianne Haas, Jim Heffelfinger, Mike Miller, Jim Robinson, and Mike Vinyard.




This committee is the liaison between the Ottumwa Noon Lions Club and it’s affiliate Lionelles Club. Responsibilities include keeping the Lionelles informed of club activities and coordinating fund raising activities.


Members: Tom Stanek (Chair), John Fye, and Ken Glattfelder




Duties of the Membership Committee are to promote and coordinate the recruitment of new members and to increase the participation of members in meetings and club activities.


Members: Bill Kramer (Chair), Bryan Lee, Drew Martindale, Charlie Rooker, and Mike Schwartz.


Pancake Day


This committee is responsible for coordinating one of our two major fund raisers. Specifically, this committee reserves the facility, obtains the permits, and ensures that the utilities will be available. It makes sure that all materials (including food, grills, and supplies) are in place on the date of the breakfast. It coordinates ticket sales. It assigns the staff to run the breakfast.


Members: Mike Ryan (Chair), Tim Brcka, Jack Fuller, Fred Gilbert, Dianne Haas, Matt Heckart, Bob Lane, Bill McKeag, Ralph Owen, Darlene Peta, Bob Prasch, Jim Robinson, Mark Songer, Jack Stubbs, and Bob Venator.




This committee is responsible for regular meeting programs. The individual members of this committee call prospective speakers, set dates for speaker presentations, and coordinates the speaker’s schedules with the Program Committee Chair. Each committee member is responsible for introducing the speaker they invited. Any member can recommend a speaker to the program committee chair.


Members: Jim Robinson (Chair), Mark Altfillisch, Bob Kramer, and Kevin Krumvieda.




The main responsibilityof the Publicity Committee is to disseminate information. Internally, it is responsible to inform club members, through the newsletter and other means (e.g. telephone tree), of club activities and other noteworthy news items. Externally, it is responsible to inform others (e.g. district and state Lions newsletters, local newspapers) of club activities. This committee will coordinate advertising for club activities with other committees.


Members: Tom Palen (Chair), Don Beske, Bill Kramer, Kevin Krumvieda (Newsletter Editor), Rick Lewis, Joe McFarland, Tom Matusick, Bob Prasch, Pat Sheedy, Mark Tremmel, and Willene White.


Scholarship Committee


The purpose of this committee is to develop and maintain an annual scholarship to be presented to a sight or hearing impaired individual in the Wapello County geographic area to attend an institution of higher learning.


Members: Bob Wells (Chair), Kevin Krumvieda, Mike Ryan, and Jack Stubbs.







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