The Healing Rite of Chöd to be performed, Ontul Rimpoche to lecture at Starseed (Montclair, New Jersey) - November 18, 2007
A truly rare opportunity will present itself on Sunday, November 18th, 2007 at 7pm when the Venerable Drikung Ontul,Rimpoche, will lecture, give transmission, and perform the rite of Chod  at the Starseed Yoga & Meditation Center in Montclair, New Jersey.

Ontul Rimpoche is one of the most widely-revered leaders of contemporary Tibetan Buddhism, and is abbot of several monasteries in Tibet and India and a respected Tantric yogi with acknowledged miraculous powers.  His Eminence holds the lineages of both
Kagyu Mahamudra as well as of the Nyingma Atiyoga.  His principal monastery originated in the 19th century in eastern Tibet with the Drikung Terton Orgyen Nuden Dorje.  To further the ongoing transmission of these Dharma treasures, Rimpoche established the Wogmin Thubten Shedrub Ling Monastery in Rewalsar, India at Tsopema (Lotus Lake) and travels worldwide to support the Drikung Dzogchen Community of lay meditators. His Eminence, who first visited Starseed in January 2002,  has graciously agreed to perform the esoteric healing ritual of Chod (with roots in ancient Central Asian shamanism).  This special blessing is intended to pacify malevolent entities and forces, prevent and remedy environmental disturbances and to avert disease, ill-health and contagion.

Chod is a unique healing and teaching practice developed by an enlightened woman saint in Tibet and nurtured by wandering yogis for over a thousand years.  Chod merges the elemental power of nature with the profound wisdom of tantric Buddhism.  The result is a deep spiritual technique for healing and transformation.  This ceremony was designed to loosen, pacify and liberate obstacles to personal well-being.  Performed by His Eminence, it is comprised of uniquely haunting, melodic chant accompanied by the shamanic drum, the sacred bell and the thigh-bone trumpet.  The ritual is conducted with participants lying down, in a relaxed and receptive state.  There are no discourses to follow, no instructions to listen to and no techniques to learn.  Just bring a pillow and a mat to enable you to rest comfortably.  Healing Chod is suitable for all, young and old, and for any type or stage of physical or psychological challenge as well as for accelerating spiritual transformation.

Special note:  for those who cannot attend in person, it is possible to bring a piece of (unwashed) clothing to place in the room for the prayer service to allow a blessing connection for the absent beneficiary.

The rite will be conducted on Sunday, November 17th, at 7:00PM.  A donation of $40.00 is suggested to help continue Rimpoche's work and aid the displaced Tibetan community.

Please contact Starseed by telephone at (973) 783-1036, facsimile at (866)884-7635 or by e-mail at in order to reserve your place to participate in this rare and blessing-filled event.
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