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Dear Readers,
This letter that follows came to the Garden State Sangha via e-mail, and I felt it important enough to publicize here 
on its website.
It may strike some as controversial, as wantonly divisive and as unworthy of a Dharma-farer to respond to, and it was 
with great hesitancy that I determined it in the best interests of the Sangha to publish here.  I have had it confirmed 
to me – by persons whose credibility is unimpeachable and who are in positions to have authoritative knowledge - that 
the facts as related are not only correct, but represent (if anything) an understating of the aggressiveness and 
dissimulation of the “missionaries” whose conduct it describes. 
At the same time, it has been brought to my attention (again, by an unimpeachable and authoritative source, whose 
knowledge of the situation in Sri Lanka and southern India is direct) that in those areas whose cultural matrix 
embraces the ‘caste’ hierarchy of Hinduism, Roman Catholic churches are established in such a fashion as to 
ensure that congregations are comprised of but one caste – or of but compatible castes.  Thus it is that a degree 
of surreptitiousness exists on the part of the promoters of Roman Catholicism whereby the cultural, social and 
religious accreta of a “mission field” are employed.
Consequently, I feel that this is something that all members of the Sangha should take note of and determine 
for themselves the best way of addressing such conduct.
May the New Year see us all further in our efforts toward Enlightenment and all-encompassing compassion!
Bill Courson
(Please note that the following letter is a translation from the Thai original, accounting for its non-standard 
use of English.)
1 January, 2002
Dear Buddhists and Friends of Buddhism,
Some Thai Buddhists protested twelve years ago – but it had no effect on Rome!
Here are some parts taken from their report:
This is a report made by the Parien Dhamma Association of Thailand after seeing the most secret 
of Papal documents , which give procedures and plans to expand into Asia.  The details of their 
cunning are shocking. Photocopies of actual documents are given.  The Thais have also heard 
speeches and seen Thai Christian publications which claim the Buddha was a messenger of GOD, 
sent to help Jesus - and other outrageous creative lies delivered to Buddhists in Thailand!
Although this report was written in the 1980s its content has been validated by the Pope's recent 
visit to India in the early 1990s where he wished for the third millennium to bring a harvest of faith in 
Asia.  So, policies once thought revised, are in fact still in place. This should be brought to the 
attention of Buddhists everywhere. The importance of the document can now be seen.  Some 
salient features are now given here for the reader to get some idea of what the report deals with.  
The Catholic Church has two organisations which spearhead their expansion - "Mission" with the 
responsibility to spread the gospel (convert) and "Dialogue" an organisation to have, in this case, 
friendly relations with other religions and peoples.
In fact, the policy, unknown to the other religions and peoples, is not a dialogue of equals, because 
in Catholic eyes, others are in error - there is only one True Church and only the Catholic religion is 
the true religion of "GOD".  It is evident that "Dialogue" is not an activity of friendship but is complimentary 
to, and assists their "Mission".  The "Dialogue" is simply a means to pave the way for "Mission"  (!!)
But, where "Missions can take place immediately, the "Missions methods can be employed directly, 
and where the situation is not ready, “Dialogue" can be employed first." In this case, "Dialogue" is 
simply a strategy to absorb Buddhists into Christianity.  Buddhists need to be aware of these motives 
and not to be weak or slack.
Next in the report come some selected passages from the official, Papal "Bulletin" concerning the 
approach to be made when dealing with non Christians.
This letter advises all Buddhists thus:
It is the duty and responsibility of Buddhists to defend the purity and integrity of Buddhism, and to 
expose the unjust words and deeds of the Catholic Church (and all Christian Churches and their 
NGOs) and see their ulterior (base) motives towards Buddhism.
It is concluded from the report, the improper and wrong actions against Buddhism are:
1) The insulting of the Triple Gem which is of the highest reverence to all Buddhists.
2) Dubious actions in the relations between the two religions and untrustworthy intentions behind 
those words and actions.
Enlarging, first on point (1):
They have insulted and lowered the status of the Buddha. The Buddha is made inferior to Jesus 
Christ in the following quotations made by senior Priests:
"God is truth. All the truth comes from GOD. Because the Buddha teaches the truth. The truth , 
naturally, comes from GOD. " (Speech made by Father Kirath Buunchua in the book "The Tripitaka 
for Christians")
"We may attribute the Buddha's enlightenment to GOD's involvement" ( by Father Moling, in "Saeng 
Dharma Review" May- August issue 2524)
"In the view of Christian philosophies, the Law of Causation (the Law of Cause and Effect), is GOD's 
plan for the world and human beings. GOD revealed this plan to Buddha who consequently attained 
enlightenment and went out and proclaimed it"  (by Father Manas Chuabsmai, in Saeng Dharma 
Review - in the May -August issue, 2524)  Father John Ulliana addressed a seminar for all religious 
leaders on April 10, 2525 at Wat Benchamabopitr, said: "At present, Christians masters are studying 
the secret tricks assigned by GOD to the Buddha, to teach the world .  that is, meditation and 
There are many more quotations given in the letter. The letter then demands the stopping of all these 
unjust and wrong statements.
They received no reply from the Catholics!
In May, 1984, Sathienpong Wannapok sends an open letter to Pope John Paul II.  Thus: "It is regretted 
that followers of Jesus Christ by improper conduct, have continually insulted Buddhist teachings. They 
have artfully claimed the beliefs and practices and ceremonies of Buddhism to be Christian beliefs and 
"They  falsely claim (the essence of Buddhism) was all revealed to the Buddha by GOD , of whom the 
Buddha is merely a prophet or slave who had been instructed to prepare the people of the Orient for 
the coming of Christianity or to prepare the way for Jesus, who was to follow."
(The letter continues)
But, again, no reply was received to this letter.
That was ONE of the methods Catholics (and other churches) employed a few years ago. They hoped 
it would succeed - now they try the tactic of doing good works in excess and setting a good example – 
and helping the careers of promising people - and using their money to open Orphanages for Buddhist 
children - with no parents!
It seems they have many techniques to lure the doubtful or weak Buddhists to come and pray and so 
get brainwashed.
Remember -
Popes are the infallible representatives of GOD. They speak the words of GOD. Pope Pius Xth said : 
“Error has no right to exist, and other religions are in ERROR.” (We conclude that Buddhism, in the 
eyes of Catholics , has no right to exist. (!))
Enough for a crusade or "jihad".
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