The name largely explains the group. That which is overtly Jewish and happens within the city of New York, itself - nowhere outside of the five boroughs - is on-topic in this group. Since somebody is likely to ask, the administrator is a Conservative Jew who leans toward the Orthodox end of that spectrum. This means that if you present us with a picture of a bagel with strips of bacon across it, and try to claim that the bacon is kosher because the meat was salted and soaked before smoking, I'm not going to be supportive of your position or let the picture stay in the pool.

Let's start by putting the rules in a place where one can see them, without being logged into Flickr first. The simplicity says it all, and with good cause, represents a break from what you'll find to be my usual pattern of moderation.

Never forget that when we ("we" in the general sense) gather as Jews, the world will see our people through our actions, so let us represent well. Pretend it's shabbos.

Updates to this group are posted through Twitter, on the Jewish New York microblog. Smaller versions of your photos will appear on the group Twitter, if you post here, slightly larger than the usual thumbnail. By posting here, you accept this. This twitter was created as a means of notifying interested parties of the presence of fresh material on the group, and to help give added exposure to the work of the members of the group.

Normally, if somebody comes onto a group, and acts inappropriately and rudely toward a fellow member of the group, while I ask - as a favor - that the unjustly afflicted member write to me and leave the problem for me to deal with, I don't insist on it. Here, I must insist on it, not out of some desire to import a categorical imperative to turn the other cheek into Judaism, but for the same reason that this would be expected of you on Friday Night. Because it disturbs the peace. There are as many shuls called Beth Shalom in the world as there are for a reason, and we don't let ourselves forget that reason. That which would raise our voices to a shout and bring our blood to a boil is forgotten, truly forgotten on an emotional level, seeming more a cause for amusement than anger. We do not feel violated or diminished by what some, not understanding, might consider our loss of freedom, sacrificed on the altar of custom they would say, but feel a rightness in this. One might ask oneself why.

I won't begin to try to fully explain Shabbos in this brief passage, but a simple part of the explanation would be found in the change of expectations. Why, when somebody screams, does one feel the need to scream back? Because it is expected of one. One is expected to act hostily in response to hostility, and will be thought weak if one does not. But take away that unreasonable expectation, wipe away the conditioning that leads one to yield to it, by putting oneself into a truly civilized environment, and one sees that nobody has been dishonored by the actions of the one behaving foolishly than he who, at the moment, plays the fool. What I would ask of you, then, is to do as you would do on the Sabbath, and give those around you a little credit, at least until they thoroughly squander it. No, this is not really Shabbos. If it was, you'd be somewhere else as you read this. But the same principle applies, on this religious group that dabbles in the secular in a way that never leaves religion far behind.

Besides which, the moderator will always return, even if he's been away for a while, and even if he does have a disturbing habit of referring to himself in the third person, he also has a habit of sending enablers packing. You might be on your own on the street, but you'll never really be on your own on this group. I wouldn't dare let you be. G-d's watching, and He wouldn't be amused, under the circumstances. How does one cheapen the respect given to the Law, and all that has grown up around it, without insulting the author of that body of Law? Let's continue on to the group on DeviantArt or DeviantArt, whichever you prefer. Because of an ill-advised corporate redesign, I may no longer give you a link to the former companion group on Flickr.

New York Central is the perhaps less than humble sounding name I gave to the site of which this page is a part. It's really a very small and very new place, so don't expect too much. The name just popped into my head, and I went with it, because it had a nice sound to it. The only thing I expect this site to become the center of, is a small collection of pages that I will do about present day life in New York. Eventually.

I have other things on my plate, at the moment.