This is how it begins, isn't it? So awful. So judgemental. "No complaining about how I'm an evil, evil man who has been at work wasting a really cool url that somebody was going use to post this awesome picture he has of Han Solo, as a furry, finally getting it on with Chewbacca's little sister. Right before she eats him, and we would have gotten to read a story about how Princess Leia pleasured herself as she watched that, before going off to blow up a Ga'ould mothership, which was en route to Earth to provide weapons to Skynet, if only I had not wasted the name of America's largest city (suburbs don't count, Los Angeles) on something that really did have something to do with New York. "But I was in my parent's basement in Poughkeepsie when I wrote that, so doesn't that matter?", you might ask. Oddly enough, it really doesn't."

The badness continues. No sooner do I get done mocking an alterative lifestyle in that post on my new DeviantArt blog that I just quoted, doing so in a tone that suggests that at any moment, I might start channeling the spirit of the evil Kirk

than I start getting elitist, again, excluding corporate events from a group that doesn't even exist, yet, telling people that no, they could not submit pictures of art that they'd seen up at their local Starbucks, the Holiday Inn, or anywhere like that. Worse still, somewhere around the one hour mark on waiting for the new group on DeviantArt to exist, I was already thinking of relocating to Multiply, where one doesn't have to wait for somebody to approve a new group, as if I were so pretentious, that I thought other people didn't have the right to be pretentious, just precious little me. "Who the H*** does this guy think he is?", somebody will ask.

The guy who owns the group, that's who, somebody who's a little tired of being asked to respect the pick and mix that is the ideology of the anti-elitists who infest the Internet. The same people who will try to shout down any criticism of that which really is censorship, smugly proclaiming that the freedom of the press belongs only to he who owns the press and insisting that those who administer groups or run sites have an absolute right to act on any random whim they wish, will suddenly forget that insistence when the whims start making sense. The same people who will chase a political dissenter from provider to provider whining about "censorship", when the person they're harassing takes to moderating his comments - that kind of nonsense. Ah! Here's a lovely surprise I got, just as I was writing this homepage.

Most services would make one wait all day before letting one witness that epic fail. DeviantArt got it right out of the way, in under two hours, sending a form letter that I understand is never followed by any action, leaving the user unable to ever create another group again, because he is only allowed to have one group waiting to be created at a time, and his requested group is left pending, forever. As impressed by that as I ought to be, I switched the group to Multiply when I got the message.

Standards - that which we're not supposed to have, because everybody has his own, and we're supposed to be accepting of those, unless the standards we'd be accepting would be our own - and not notice the double standard we'd be setting at our own expense. I can easily picture the staff at DeviantArt thinking that as long as they say the right words, that they don't need to get the right things done, in part because of their past track record, and in part because I've had conversations like that with Support on other services, in the past. If DeviantArt decides to do better, as I told them, the group on Multiply will have a companion on DeviantArt, and that would be fine with me. Until then, I'll leave up these comments and the screenshot as a warning to anybody who was thinking of using DA as the host for his group.

"Meanwhile, back on your point, Joseph" ... but that always is the point, isn't it? That without standards, one can't get much of anything done, so if a few feelings get bruised in upholding them, too bad? Geographically, I am going to nitpick. If one gives any leeway, somebody will say, "how about this event that's a mile outside of NYC", and then when one gives in on that, there will be another three miles off, and before you know it, you're halfway to Albany. Nothing outside of the city limits will be accepted in this group. As for what is art, I'll be gentler than I'd like to be out of simple practicality, as we do seem to be living in an era of deep decline, and decent art has become hard to find, which is not to say that it is non-existent. It's out there, but if after a long day of looking, all you have is a shot of a table of tchotchkes somebody has laid out in front of the Port Authority, I'll understand. Do what you can. Just do it in the right city, and make an honest effort, and I'll almost certainly be OK with that. But please do be considerate enough to mind the TOS and abide by it, because I don't own and am subject to its policies. I'm not offended by nude art, but they might be, so until DeviantArt gets its act together, there are going to be some real limits on what I can let you post, limits that neither you nor I will like, I would guess.

As a moderator, what can I do but thank those who get it for their understanding, and take action against those who don't? Let's continue on to the group on Multiply or to its companion group at DeviantArt, which finally was successfully created, three days after I put in the request and first created this homepage, by an employee who was trying to dig himself out from underneath the workload that had been dropped on top of him. I think we all know how that goes, as the downsizing era drags on, so let's give the employees a little sympathy, even if everything seems a little fouled up, at times. It's not the employee's fault, if management refuses to hire enough people.

This page is located on New York Central, the future center of the pages I do about New York and maybe home to a little photography, fiction, and a few other things, when I have time. It is less than a month old as I'm writing this, so don't expect too much.