This is still a simple site, consisting of nothing more than the homepages for four groups focused on the city it's named after, the first of which seemed strangely overdue for creation, considering the important role New York has played in Jewish life, if for no other reason other than the massive size of its Jewish community - and, of course, the major role its Jewish community has played in the life of New York. Not that size is the only issue, of course. Other cities have, down through the centuries, been prominent in the history of the Diaspora, but in any of those than came before, have we been welcomed as equals? There were never any yellow badges in New York, no laws saying that our synagogues could not be larger or more beautiful than the houses of worship of some state religion, never any fear that we were going to be driven forth in order to appease the angry masses, and no sign that the masses would want to see that happen. In America in general, outside of a few places which have earned their notoriety, and in New York in particular, we finally found ourselves at home.

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The links above take you to the homepages of the groups connected with this site, the first of which is already starting to go. The first three are places to celebrate life in the City, which is largely what this site is going to be about. The last is a writer's group, primarily but not exclusively a place to post your fiction. The first three are photography groups with discussion sections, that offer some opportunity to do a little amateur journalism, I suppose. The vagueness is neither an accident or a mistake - I make a point of moderating my groups with a light hand, letting them involve instead of trying to tightly control their destinies. I won't go so far as to say that I let them decide what they want to be. If, for example, Jewish Life in New York were to start to evolve into a neo-nazi group, I would step in and intervene in a hurry, regardless of how a majority of those who had signed up would feel about that. What I will say is that there is a dialog, that there is give and take, and that what I'm exercising is a veto. There are futures for my groups which I will not allow, but the future for each of them that arrives will not be one of my own design or making. It will be one that, as it happens, provides me with no legitimately compelling reason to object, eg. an off topic hijacking of the group, or the establishment of any kind of mob rule among the members, as one so often sees online.

As you might have guessed from the fact that this site is hosted on Webring Webspace, some of the pages on this site are already on a number of webrings. If you'd like to return to one of those rings, you can find your way back to it by going to the central ring return page for this site, on which you will find a menu that will point you in the right direction.