The Mission of the USS Nashville Family Support Group shall to be to meet once a month in order to provide support and friendship for the family, friends, and crew members of the USS Nashville. The support group's goals shall be to have one fundraiser every three months. Different fundraisers will be decided and voted on by the Homecoming Committee, in order to raise money to spend on the homecoming and other various ways for the benefit of the support group members and the crew of the USS Nashville.

Disclaimer: This website is solely for the use of the USS Nashville Family Support Group to post announcements and news about the group. It is in no way supported or endorsed by the US Navy, the USS Nashville, or any other Government Agency. It DOES NOT, WILL NOT, and CAN NOT contain any information about the Navy or USS Nashville, such as dates of departure or arrival, or any information which may be deemed as secured or priviledged. For any information about the USS Nashville, please contact the Command Family Ombudsman or call the Family Careline at (757)445-1738. For more information about the USS Nashville Family Support Group, please contact the President of the support group, and for more information about this website, please contact the webmaster.

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USS Nashville, Come Home Safe and Soon!

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