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Genital Integrity Bow
We rarely question much of the 'common knowledge'  that we aquire automatically just from growing up within a specific culture. However, sometimes these beliefs can have quite harmful ramifications... My intention on this site is to elucidate ways we can improve the quality of life on Earth. Presently I am focusing on areas of sexual well-being, as it is the core motivator behind most human endeavors(and excesses), but will also expand on other issues in the future. Last updated: March 2017
Involuntary Ritual Amputation among the Nacirema Tribe
This research article is about the rationalizations surrounding the Nacirema practice of amputating healthy body-parts.

Mastectomied Women are healthier and more attractive
Is mastectomy right for you and your daughter?

Learn about Forced Infant Sex-Changes
What happens when your newborn doesn't fit society's standard definition of gender?
America's Secret History of Female Genital Mutilation
American doctors used to cut up girls genitals.

Learn about Infant Genital Reductions
Do babies really want their genitals made smaller?

Letter to the man who cut off part of my penis
I wrote this to express now in words what I only could express then in screams.

A Poll of Cut and Uncut Men
During the rare times circumcision is mentioned seriously in American culture, it is often  asserted that "Circumcision has no effect on male sexuality" -- how true is this really?

Learn about Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration
An overview of my personal experience -- plus helpful links.

Body-Integrity Activism Resources
I advise on how to talk with people about keeping their entire baby  -- plus share the videos and other helpful links.

Deeply Fulfilling Intimacy despite Unwanted Genital Cutting
An overview of the core technique plus thorough advice for dealing with physical and emotional barriers.
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Circumcision is a parents right.
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