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Learn how much and what is cut off by watching an actual circumcision.
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Learn about Involuntary Genital Reduction Surgery

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I support an individual's right to choose circumcision to be done upon their own body, however the vast majority of circumcisions today are done on non-consenting infants and children.

Do you, I and everyone have an innate right to maintain or alter our own genitalia according to our own discretion?

Do you, I or anyone have the right to amputate part of someone else's genitalia without the explicit consent of that person whose genitalia it is?

Please consider the questions and videos below:

Do parents have a right to cut off their daughter's clitoral hood?

What if the mother wanted her daughter's clitoral hood cut off because she had her clitoral hood cut off and she felt it was important that her daughter 'look' like her? What if the father wanted his daughter's clitoral hood cut off because he personally preferred women like that and he felt it it was important that his daughter have 'attractive' genitalia? What if both parents wanted to cut off their daughter's clitoral hood because their religion told them to? If these are not valid reasons to cut off a girl's hood, why are they often used to justify cutting off a boy's hood?

Have Americans have always been circumcised?

For the majority of the United States existence as a country, the majority of American men have been uncircumcised. It was only a little before the turn of 20th century that circumcision was formally introduced -- largely as panacea for many illnesses including 'masturbation' -- .
and only around WWII was circumcision done to the majority of infant boys. Around 1975, circumcision reached it's peak with about 85% of infant boys cut. Today in the US, only a little more than half of all boys are routinely circumcised

Is every circumcision is the same as every other?

It is worth noting that the ancient forms of the circumcision rite would often just remove the part of the foreskin that was beyond the glans, whereas the modern American hospital version of the rite often removes the skin covering the glans and sometimes even more. How much and what is cut off can vary extensively depending the cutting tool used and the doctor's own predilection. Some circumcised men with 'loose' cuts (ie less cut off) still have much of their foreskin and frenulum left, while others have 'tight' cuts (ie more cut off) removing all of the foreskin and frenulum. So it is important to remember that one's own experience as a cut male is not necessarily extrapolatable to the experiences of all cut males. There are some cut men out there with minimial damage that doesn't consciously detract from the quality of their sexual lives(presumbly very 'loose' cuts), and there also are some cut men out there who have had nearly all the pleasure taken out of sexual acts(presumbly very 'tight' cuts). 

Is circumcision is necessary for health reasons?

No medical organization in world recommends routine infant circumcision. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics has stated neonatal circumcision is not justifiable for medical reasons; however they then go on to hedgingly say that if parents want it done for cultural and religious reasons that is fine with them -- thus absolving themselves of any responsiblity and passing it on to the parents. When parents are asked why they cut off part of their son's penis, the most common answer given is for 'health reasons' -- thus absolving themselves of responsiblity by deferring to the 'medical experts'. Fortunately, today in our modern internet age, parents and doctors alike can take direct responsibility to fully inform themselves beforehand.

Would you describe a woman who has her entire body she was born with, as being 'unmastectomied'?

Then why do we describe men who have foreskin as being 'uncircumcised'? Notice how we use language to suggest that foreskin is an aberration in need of amputative correction. However, from a biological persepctive having foreskin is the default state for a man to be, so the correct description for having foreskin is intact or natural, and the correct description for having your foreskin cut off is unintact or unnatural. The correct term to describe a circumcised man who undergoes non-surgical foreskin restoration is restored or uncircumcised.

Should irrerversible amputative medically-unnecessary surgery be performed on an infant?

Most American males have part of their penis cut off before they ever reach the age and ability to offer consent. Their parents mistakenly believed they were making a medical decision when really they were forcing irreversible medically-unnecessary surgery on their infant son's penis. Just these facts alone, should be enough for us to conclude that circumcision should be a choice made only by the individual -- whose body it is -- when he reaches an age where he can decide what is best for himself.

Learn about the Functions of Foreskin

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Doctors Against Non-consensual Body-Part Amputation website
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