Whose body is it?

by Nalliandar
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Dear Sir,

Pardon the presumption in contacting you, for it has been many years since we were last in each other's presence. You probably do not remember me, but I will remember the choice you made for the rest of my life. Although I know little about you, I do know some things about you that you yourself don't even realize.

You believe the design of the human body is inherently flawed and needs to be surgically corrected. This leads you to think that it is your right to amputate a perfectly normal and healthy body part from an individual without their consent.

Now maybe you don't think you believe this, but as evidenced by the permanent scar on my body and many others, you do. I do not remember what happened when I was with you, yet every time I use my penis I must face the irreversible consequences of what you did.

Let me refresh your memory: Shortly after I was born you took me away from my mother and carried me to a secluded room where she could not see or hear what was going to happen. You strapped my arms and legs firmly to a form-fitting board so that I couldn't move. You held my penis in your hand. You then forcibly separated my glans from my foreskin. You then cut around my penis amputating my foreskin and most of my frenulum. You threw the amputated part of my penis into the trash. You collected a small monetary sum for this.

Though at the time I couldn't speak or defend myself, I am a man now and you will listen to what through my profuse crying you should have understood then, "I don't want part of my penis cut off. Get your cold gleaming steel blade away from me. It is my body and you have no permission, authority, or right to cut off part of it. Stop!".

However, you never even paused to ask yourself whether I, the person whose body it is, want part of my body cut off or not. Instead you proceeded blithely against my explicit vocal opposition to cut off part of my infant body. I consider your actions, at minimum, tantamount to battery for which you should be held legally accountable.

You don't believe you are responsible for this because you were only doing what was asked of you. My parents are not qualified to make medical decisions. If they had asked you to cut off any other part of my body you would have refused to have done it, because you have 'morals' and also since it would have been criminal assault. As a medical professional it is your responsibility to be aware that no medical organization including the ones you belong to, consider this justifiable for health reasons which makes this by definition, cosmetic surgical amputation being performed on an infant. No matter how you want to try to rationalize it in your own mind, my blood from your sexual assault upon my infant body was and still is on your hands.

Despite all of this I know that you are a person who probably meant well and just got caught up in a cultural ritual. I know you would not have done this to me if you knew that I did not want it. In fact it is even likely that you too are missing part of your penis as well. Though you have permanently simplified and damaged the way my penis functions, you were probably ignorant and not malicious so I forgive you. However from my letter at least, you are ignorant no longer; therefore you now bear full ethical and moral responsibility for any future partial penis amputations you perform on infants. Please reconsider your decision to continue amputating a normal and healthy part of someone else's body without their consent and instead let it be a choice each individual makes for himself when he reaches an age where he can decide what is best for his own body.

May you understand and heed for the first time what I and every other baby restrained helplessly before you has tried through our screams and tears so many times in vain to say to you. 


                     A Man missing part of his body

Feel free to personalize and send this letter to the person who cut off part of your penis.

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