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by Nalliandar
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When your newborn infant is perfectly healthy, the social pressure to cut off healthy body parts is strong... However, imagine if you were one of the parents of the estimated 1 in 2000 babies born each year who do not have a clearly defined gender. Parents and doctors face a strong temptation for  immediate surgery on the infant's genitalia to make the infant appear as if they were definitively male or female. Under the current medical protocol, full infant sex-change genital surgeries and many other surgical 'reconstructions' are standard procedure in such cases.

The baby is the patient -- not the parents.

The parents and doctor feel so uncomfortable about the baby's genital appearance that they surgically alter the baby's genitalia until it cosmetically 'conforms' just so the parents and Doctor themselves can feel better. However the baby does not care what it's genitalia looks like and won't for many years -- e just wants to be taken care of.  Only recently did the medical community do any follow-up studies to see how content the surgically-altered were. Overwhelmingly, they expressed dissatisfaction with having genital surgeries forced upon them -- with many cases of them being 'turned into' a different gender than they internally feel they are.

Should we irreversibly alter an infant's genitalia without knowing what they would want?

A much better approach would be to raise the child as e is and then let them decide upon any surgical alteration when they reach an age where they can make a decision that is best for themselves.

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