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Intactivists believe that all individuals regardless of their gender and the culture they are born into, have the right to retain their entire body they were born with.

The best way to help is to reach out within your own social circle. When discussing circumcision with others, keep in mind the perspective they are coming from -- most Americans consider circumcision normal, healthy, clean and necessary.  For circumcised men being circumcised is an integral part of their identity; so much so, that if you say anything negative about being circumcised or anything positive about foreksin, they will react as if they are being personally attacked. Mothers as well, may be highly offended by any implication they have damaged their son's future sex-life. Facing the truth about forced genital-cutting, for anyone directly involved in its perpetuation is emotionally painful with most facing tremendous internal pressure to rationalize and justify why it was done. If you describe circumcision as mutilation and tell them that they should not be allowed to cut off part of their baby's body, they may no longer be open to anything you have to say.

Instead I recommend, being respectful and polite as you encourage them to research both sides for themselves, offer them helpful links especially the videos mentioned below and ask them leading socratic questions like: If the clitoral hood is biologically analgous to the foreskin then why is it illegal to cut off infant girls hoods and legal to cut off infant boys hoods? Why did England, the country that gave us the modern version of the circumcision ritual, stop routine infant circumcision in 1950s and we continue? Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatrics says that circumcision is not justifiable for health reasons? If circumcision is "no big deal" then why bother doing it in the first place? And so forth and so on.

Learn how to counter the 'reasons' people will use to justify infant genital cutting:

Video Stream of an actual infant circumcision:
All versions downloadable at:
Video Stream of the Functions of the Foreskin:

Share your own genital cutting story

Pro bono Legal Support for those who have been forcibly genitally-altered

College Campus Student Groups

Stop the Government from automatically paying for circumcisions

Petitions to sign:

Genital Integrity Awareness Week 

ntactivist Internet Support Groups:

Proposed Congressional Bill:

Intactivist buttons, shirts, hats, magnets etc:

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