In Support of Routine Infant Circumcision

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Practically everyone knows how important it is for circumcision to be  done at birth, but lately there have been some people out there who are trying  to scare parents into not circumcising. Circumcision is the parents choice. I'm  so sick of those anti-circ wackos trying to tell me what I can and can't do to MY baby. As prospective parents, my wife and I want what is best for our child  so that is why we chose to circumcise. I didn't even have to bother doing my own  research since the benefits of circumcision are so well-known.
Everyone knows that circumcision makes your genitalia easier to clean and smell better. I don't  want my child having to spend all that extra time constantly washing their genitalia trying to get rid of that uncircumcised stench. 

Everyone knows that circumcision makes your genitalia more attractive-looking to  opposite sex. When my baby grows up, I don't want them to be rejected because  their genitalia looks gross with all that extra skin hanging around.

Everyone knows that if you don't get circumcised at birth you will just have to  have it done later. By having circumcision done at birth, we save our baby from  all the pain having it done as an adult.

Everyone knows that when a parent is circumcised the child needs to be  circumcised as well. I don't want to feel awkward someday if my child asks why  her mother was circumcised and she wasn't.
I am so glad you agree with me that my wife and I have a right to circumcise our child if we feel like it. Since my wife is circumcised, she felt it was really important that  her daughter 'look like her'. As a father, it is important to me that my daughter have what I consider 'attractive' genitalia. For these and the above reasons, my wife and I decided to have our infant daughter's clitoral hood cut off. I know when our daughter grows up she will thank my wife and I for having her circumcised.

If it is illegal in America to cut off girls hoods, why is it legal to cut off  boys hoods?
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This video expresses my actual viewpoint about infant circumcision:
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