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Welcome to the lair. I am Edward, bounty hunter and assassin extraordinaire. Some know me as the down home Santa Fe bounty hunter Ted Forester. Some know me as the inscrutible assassin Edward. And certain unlucky others simply know me as Death.

So take a look around. If it has a pin, donít take it out. If it has a trigger, donít pull it. Common sense here, people. If you've found your way here, you should know the rules. If you blow up or shoot up my site, Iíll come after you. Now if youíll excuse me, I have some guns that need cleaning, knives that need sharpening, and some monsters that need killing. Two in particular, who have some mystic bonds to a certain beautiful necromancer I know...  Oh yeah, and sign the guest book for Montana. If you donít, Iíll come after you.
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I do not own Edward, or any other Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter characters mentioned. They belong to the lovely Ms. Laurell K. Hamilton. This site is intended for entertainment purposes only, and no profit is being made.
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Dreaming of Incubus?
Were you pleased with the new book Incubus Dreams?

Yes, it finally resolved some major personal sh*t for Anita
No, it was basically porn with some plot accidentally slipped in
Yes, it was like basically porn with some plot accidentally slipped in
Don't know, I havne't found the courage to read it yet
No. There were only two references to Edward, the best character

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