Who is Princess Pantha? Her 9-5 was an animal trainer and main attraction for The Gates Circus. Which naturally leads her to wearing a leopard skin bikini and fighting for justice in the jungles of Africa with the help of her boyfriend, author Dane Hunter, and her skill at jiu-jitsu. First Appearance: 1946, Thrilling Comics #56 (Standard/Nedor/Better).

When the Peter Hogan, the writer of TERRA OBSCURA (based on Alan Moore's treatment of the Nedor characters and concepts in TOM STRONG) was looking for information and/or a Princess Pantha story, I scanned and posted one here as I had a coverless comic with the Princess. I liked a second one so much I gained permission to also give that one a permanent home. Of interest, least to me, the stories by Nedor at this time were to some small degree living up to one of their other company names, Better. Mort Meskin and Jerry Robinson would lend their talents to a couple of Black Terror and Fighting Yank stories and for some reason, the jungle lords and ladies of the Golden-age always tended to be better drawn than their costumed compatriots. Always one of the great cover artists of the time, Alex Schomburg also started doing some slick painted covers.

Read, and enjoy.

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Princess Pantha: The Land of the Black Python possibly from 1946, Thrilling Comics #56.


Princess Pantha: The Jungle of Despair from Thrilling Comics #71. This story opens up in the Hawaiian jungles! Large scans, provided again by Nigel Cantwell at




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