Mele'...just another moment
"The Nightmare" by Johann Heinrich Fussli
Thought of mine

The visions cloud my mind
colors blinding
Objects familiar
to make me aware of
what I wish not to know
of times to come
that I can not undo
They come swift yet stay
long past after they have gone.
I beg them to no longer knowledge me of what
lay ahead.
Yet they persist
as if to punish me
for not listening,
for closing my eyes and
turning my head.
They are not my thoughts
yet they reside in my
brain....for now
The Flame

The flame dances and jumps
high into the emptiness
as if it is reaching for
something that is not there
nor ever was
It believes it will burn forever
unaware that a strangers breath can wipe it from existance.
So it is with love...
La Muerte -Mele'
La Tristeza
no sounds I hear
the deafening silence
holds me near

Words I recognize
flow in my mind
why am I here
myself I cannot find

The heart now stops
The blood holds still
my hands now shake
I have no will

Her eyes are cold
They hold no light
The thoughts still haunt
me through the night

The perfect skin
so smooth and light
clay to touch
blue to sight

the memory in mind
is deep beneath core
for now a childs voice
shall be no more
Things that I cannot say
are because of this wall
that holds me at bay
I dare not speak from my heart
for the terror within
tears me apart
my mind is a web into
which I am caught
I no longer have hope
I no longer have thought

My dreams are in color
I see only black
They haunt my days
and show me I lack
The shivers that hold
will for me never cease
For now I grow cold
in the hours I lease
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