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10 August 2007
I have added as a separate page my recent thoughts on universals. These thoughts contrast earlier ones of mine expressed in Relations of Space and Time, but I am not sure which position I find more attractive. Having just started graduate school at Iowa State, I am hoping to have some new material published soon on conservation biology, and I am currently working on an essay on conservation ethics.

6 June 2007
I have updated the about the author page, and have added a blog to the site as well. The author page was badly in need of updating, and I have been trying hard to find a way to attach less formal writings of mine, which I do more often, to this site, although I may decide to turn blog posts into short pages, as the case with the first post, entitled Nothingness Has No Referent. Adding a blog also allows others to comment on what I have written. If all goes well, I may end up paying geocities for ad-free webspace.

1 January 2007
A new essay has been added to the philosophy section entitled Nomenclatural Gravity. This essay deals with the topic of how names function in language, and discusses some metaphysical views on the nature of numerical identity, which I reject entirely. This work is in contrast to an earlier view of mine supporting externalism in Charlie and the Mad Doctor. I no longer take Putnam's view, and find the essay I wrote some time ago unsatisfying for reasons that I hope to have time to publish properly at a later date. In the next few months, I will be completing my degrees, finishing my research on germination and viability in federally threatened Boltonia decurrens, and figuring out where to pursue graduate studies.

21 November 2006
I have added my curriculum vitae to the site. I am not looking for a job at this time, though I am applying to graduate schools, which has forced me to update my CV. I am currently working on a philosophy of language paper, as well as a publication for my research in SIUE's Undergraduate Research Academy. I presented a version of my paper, This Brain Owns Itself, at SIUE's first annual undergraduate philosophy conference with mixed reviews. I am considering editing the paper, and possibly writing a new paper that explains the concepts in a less technical manner. Also, I am toiling with the idea of purchasing a domain; the advertisements on this page are annoying me, and paying to have them removed, in addition to benefitting from a domain and new email address, is a very tempting offer.

21 July 2006
I have added an essay in the philosophy section. The essay, entitled This Brain Owns Itself, was written for a course on metaphysics that I took. The essay defends the view that personal identity is akin to a center of narrative gravity, which is endorsed by Daniel Dennet.

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