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What is Miresua?
Miresua is an artificial language, a conlang, in other words, a made-up language.

There's a paradigm used in building these words; they are not randomly generated.  Words are an eclectic alphabetic mixture of the words in Basque and Finnish, two unrelated European languages which are not part of the Indo-European family of languages.  (Finnish is a Finno-Ugric language.  Basque is believed to be a language isolate.).  Finnish has a wealth of vowels; Basque has more consonants.  Both are uncommon languages that are not easy to learn.

The length of each Miresua word is close to average length of the Basque and Finnish words.  Even the name of this language, Miresua, is a mixture of the native names of these two languages "Euskara" and "Suomi".

Miresua alphabet
Miresua doesn't use the letters C, F, Q, and W.   Any rare F encountered in Basque is switched to a V.

As in Basque, X is the SH sound; TX is the CH sound.

As in Finnish, J is the Y consonant sound.  The vowels Ä and Ö are considered separate letters.  Y is a vowel, never a consonant.

Vowel combinations used in Miresua: AI, AU, EI, EU, OI, UA, UI, and UO.

Miresua grammar
Miresua will be agglutinative language (as are Basque and Finnish), a regular language with a high rate of affixes per word.  Expect many grammatical cases.

There will be no grammatical gender in Miresua, like both Finnish and Basque.  (Nouns will not be feminine or masculine as in Spanish and French.)  All pronouns are gender neutral, like in Finnish and like almost always in Basque.  Although there will be different words for males and females in some cases, such as mother and father, and cow and bull.

Miresua will be dominantly a Subject-Object-Verb (SOV) language, which is like Basque, but unlike Finnish (and English).  An example of this word ordering in a sentence is "Sam oranges ate".  But due to extensive case marking, Miresua will have a somewhat free word order.

Like Finnish (and English and most languages), Miresua will be a nominative-accusative language.  Basque is ergative-absolutive.  Although I've found Basque eragativity to be interesting, it's admittedly rather befuddling to me.

Features NOT INCLUDED in Miresua
Vowel harmony (or vocal harmony) is a feature of Finnish.  Vowel harmony appears in many Uralic and almost all Altaic languages.  It restricts which vowels can be used together in words.  Miresua, being a alphabetic mixture of the Basque and Finnish words, will not feature this.  It would be difficult, if not impossible, to include in Miresua.

In Finnish both consonants and vowels come in two distinct lengths.  Words change meanings based on the sound lengths.  Long sounds are indicated by doubling a letter.  As I've unconsciously decided to avoid doubled letters in my created words, this concept has been lost in translation to Miresua.

In Basque several letters are pronounced differently when doubled.  The most common is probably RR, which is pronounced as a rolled R.  RR is included in Miresua because it also occurs in Finnish.  But there is also DD, LL, and TT which are palatalized versions of the letter which are missing from Miresua.

aris = gray
girun = red
irebä = green
korai = yellow
metza = black
reisma = brown
tolire = violet
usin = blue
zulki = white
baura = iron
beronsi = bronze
holar = silver
iltenu = tin
kupre = copper
lunyr = lead
meitso = brass
teusra = steel
urla = gold
asoi = donkey
hauvo = goat
isto = wolf
kitsa = cat
nalar = fish
sahi = mouse
tirlu = bird
tuare = fox
txora = dog
veldan = horse
zuhar = bear
yst = one
baki = two
herko = three
julna = four
vosi = five
usei = six
pesizan = seven
zekasti = eight
erendisä = nine
myknar = ten
Misc. words
käbi = yes
eiz = no
pihor = north
iketä = east
elego = south
belsenä = west
uvi = water
sul = fire
beuka = hot
zylt = cold

Miresua Conlang blog
New Miresua words are posted to the blog.  Postings show the Basque and Finnish words I used for Miresua word derivation.
Miresua conlang blog

Miresua DictionarY
The dictionary is growing slowly. There are currently approximately 245 words, including 2 verbs conjugated in present tense.

My Other Conlang - Lhaesine
Miresua is not related to my other conlang language, Lhaesine.  Lhaesine is a more free-form made-up language which is not deliberately based on any particular language.
Lhaesine Dictionary Project blog
Lhaesine webpage

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